1 stunning animation recreating an animal embryo growing, where each cell is clearly visible.

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Researchers have revealed an astonishing technique that can track individual cells in an animal as it grows.
They have created a stunning animation recreating a animal embryos growing, where each cell is clearly visible.
Ultimately they say the system could allow them to track the nervous system as it grows, and see problems as they develop

Researchers have found 7 ton island made of bouys from 2011 tsunami

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Have even taken a drone to capture images from the sky
Have found 7 ton island made of bouys from 2011 tsunami

Overall area believed to be as big as Texas

A 2014 study in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found that the ocean’s plastic may be mysteriously disappearing, with much less debris in the water than had been predicted, based on the global rates of plastic production and disposal.


On his current trip, Moore did a similar 4.5-mile (7.2 kilometer) trawl of the ocean, but also used drones to assess the extent of trash from above.

The sample from the one hour trawl produced an alarming amount of plastics. 

Captain Moore said ‘this is extremely disturbing to me that 260 miles from the center of the gyre we pull a sample that appears to be a thousands of times more plastic by weight than plankton.

‘This is worse than the samples I was getting five years ago out in the center of the garbage patch, and we’re still on the periphery.

‘We found 100 times more plastic by weight with the drone, than we estimated from the trawl,’ Moore told Livescience.

They also say debris from the Japanese 2011 Tsunami is created its own ‘mini islands’.

The team has already found one, dubbed ‘bouy Island’, that they believe weights 7 tons.

Capt. Charles Moore: …the ocean is downhill from everywhere…


Mount Fuji weakened by the great earthquake of 2011: Could its eruption destroy Tokyo?

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The 2011 earthquake in Japan caused large cracks in the basement. Some hit the foot of Mount Fuji, which increases the pressure of the magma and let fear an eruption.

If he were to erupt, Mount Fuji could it destroy Tokyo? 

The main problem that could cause a volcanic eruption of Mount Fuji is linked to ashes According to the wind, they could expect Tokyo and cover the city from 10 to 15 cm. Disturbances on electronic components arrive and drinking water is threatened, as the health of residents. 

It is virtually unlikely that the magma reaches Tokyo, which is 100 km away. As for the underground cracks that could cause volcanic eruption, they would not reach Tokyo. The volcanic system stops at 50 km from the metropolis, it is unlikely that volcanic fissures exceed this distance. 

A study saying that the risk of rash Fuji-san increased after the earthquake of 2011. What has been the influence of this earthquake on the volcano? 

They began to study this area following the earthquake of 2011, which destroyed part of Fukushima. After the earthquake, they used the new tools to do an ultrasound of the earth. With the tools in the territory, they could retrieve the data up to 6 months before the earthquake. 

There was very little while variations, they were virtually undetectable. Then the earthquake occurred. Suddenly, the sensors have shown great variations and disturbances. was expected that these disturbances would be strongest near the place where the earthquake occurred. 

These animals, for one reason or another, were once in the news

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Why is it Hot Underground?

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A lion and a dog bound by a special friendship

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Even the king of the savannah may surprise us. In an animal park in Oklahoma, USA , a lion of more than 150 pounds has taken a liking to a small dog. The two became inseparable companions more.

Sometimes animals can become the best of friends.  That’s what happened to  Bonedigger and Milo, two residents of the GW Exotic Animal Park in Wynnewood, Oklahoma, United States.

For several years, the pair don’t part even for a minute: an amazing relationship when we know that the first is a lion of 150 kg and the second a little dachshund! One can only imagine the surprise of the fleet manager, John Reinke, when he witnessed the birth of this special friendship.

Bonedigger and Milo spend their days playing together, licking and kissing. The little dachshund did not even hesitate to use dentist lion cleaning his teeth after every meal. “This friendship between a dachshund and a lion is unique” said the manager. “It would not be as friendly with other dogs,”  

These two animals are together from the youngest age. Moreover, the lion is not like the others, he was born with a metabolic bone disease that left him partially disabled when he was little, so it does not move like a normal lion.


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