Dolphins scare off shark during swimmer’s eight hour swim

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British swimmer, Adam Walker had enough to worry about as he took on the freezing ocean in a grueling eight hour and 36 minute swim across the Cook Strait on Tuesday.

But he had his mind taken off the extreme temperature when he noticed a two metre shark-shaped figure swimming beneath him in the New Zealand waters.

Luckily enough, the shark never attempted an attack as a pod of dolphins soon came to his side, swimming alongside Mr Walker for an hour while he crossed the strait.


 The five stages of grief can happen in any order, and some people bounce between the five stages more than once before reaching acceptance.

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Sometimes people go through more than one stage at once. Grief can happen even if what we are losing is something we don’t want or need anymore. It is a completely a normal process that everyone goes through when faced with the loss of anything that has become familiar to them. It is even normal to grieve the loss of something that you hate, such as an exhausting job.

Grief is about adapting to life when something is missing. This is the reason we even grieve over things that are no good for us. Before writing this article, I spent a lot of time pondering the reasons why it’s so painful to lose even the horrible things. I thought about the popular statement that there is a fine line between love and hate, and I have always believed this to be true. In order to really dislike something, it must have a large impact on your life. Otherwise, it could be easily ignored, and thought of as nothing more than an annoyance rather than something to be hated. It is the impact on our lives that triggers the grieving process when we lose something or someone familiar to us.

While denial is a normal part of the grieving process, it can amplify the effects of your loss, or cause reckless behaviors and distort your reality.


I think anger is one of the most unpleasant stages of grief, and yet it can give you a sense of power, especially if your loss is involuntary, or you are losing something that you hate. At this stage you begin to realize that your life is about to change and you are uncomfortable with the discomfort of it all. In the case of the weight, you might mock it for being attached to you in the first place. You may be angry that it never came off sooner, or that you feel weird walking without it. Again, this is a perfectly normal part of grief, and it is perfectly acceptable to be angry about your loss.

Obviously, holding on to anger for too long can create a problem, but so can trying to deny that your anger even exists.


The bargaining stage can be a very healthy thing, because that is the time when you will want to fix the situation. It can also become very damaging if you dwell on something that can’t be fixed. Remember that some things are only weights that we don’t need in our lives. Fixing the rope that the weight was attached with is not always the best choice. Sometimes it is better to just leave it behind.

The reason the bargaining stage can be healthy, is that it causes a drive to get back what was lost. It can happen at any time in the grieving process, and will most likely happen more than once. Anger can be a great motivator, but don’t let anger be at the base of your decisions, unless it will drive you do something good for yourself or someone else.


Depression  is the hardest stage of grief. If it becomes severe enough, it can completely immobilize you and crush your motivation. It may feel like you will never be happy again.

Learning to accept depression instead of beating myself up for it and labeling myself as “pathetic” or “lazy” has really helped me get through it more quickly. I once heard that depression is anger turned in on yourself, so it made sense to me that in order to beat my depression I could not be angry with myself for feeling it.


Again, acceptance doesn’t mean that it’s all okay. What is does mean is that you are finally able to move on with your life without constantly thinking of your loss, denying it, trying to fix it, or being angry and depressed about it.

It means that you are free to move forward without what you lost, and that YOU are okay.

Aussie Humor: If You Can’t Handle Multi-F-Bombs, Do NOT Open! Australians for Coal Spot Ad

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Regardless of your stance on the carbon emissions debate, you may also find this piece to be as wonderfully irreverent and humorous of a spoof of corporate advertising as I did.

I could not resist posting this, as a straight-talking summary of what many corporations and governments (as if there were a difference) are totally up to…

Among my favorite quotes in this piece:

“While the steps, on the surface appear to be in opposition to our self-interest, the reality, however, is that they ARE, in actuality, in opposition to our self-interest.”

If you have zero tolerance for the F U C K  Y O U-wordS, do NOT watch this video.


Not affiliated in any way with the links below, but it might be of interest:
Actors: Anne Wilson, Peter McAllum, Will Young

UVB-76 mystery ghost radio broadcasting from Russia noise “buzzer” interspersed with words and numbers sporadic since the 70s

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Since the 70s, a Russian radio buzzes with alternating sequences of letters and numbers.On the net, the followers of the conspiracy theory trying to unravel the mystery of creation, while budding cryptologists try to understand what it says.

UVB-76, renamed in 2010 MDZhB fascinates Russia and beyond, the entire web. And for good reason: this station shortwave radio, which broadcasts on 4625 kHz discontinuous hum punctuated by some incomprehensible messages, is a mystery. Total, and since at least 1982, when the first recordings of his “programs” – but the spread could go back in the mid 70s.

Until 2010, the radio emitting buzzing sound – which earned him the nickname “Buzz” in English – with sometimes cryptic messages that also fascinating, with the scent of Communist Russia, the KGB espionage and against espionage.

In addition to the buzz, which is not recorded but manually generated by placing a microphone in front of a loudspeaker according to the website The Kernel , radio broadcast sporadically messages for less mysterious: “Ya UVB-76, UVB-76 Ya 180. bromal 08 74 27 99 14. Boris, Roman, Olga, Mikhail, Anna, Larisa. 7 4 2 7 9 9 1 4, “said the radio in 1997.” ASASDNYJ 42 67 99 884 28 17, “she would say yet September 29, 2009. Sequences of numbers, Russian names, which many users still seek meaning.

In 2010, everything changed: the site has seen a renewed interest on the web. On the one hand, it was during this period that Estonian Andrus Aaslaid, lovers of radio broadcasting, decides to retransmit UVB-76 Internet: no need to be close to Moscow to listen. On the other hand, soon after, the radio knows it will be important to call an identity crisis.

Besides the classical signals, bits of Swan Lake are heard, and a countdown from 1 to 9 in a female voice, walrus and strange phone conversations. In short, the blur in addition to blur and only grows the interest of users for this phantom radio.

It seems strange that this activity is due to a relocation of the radio end of 2010, when the station was then renamed “MDZhB”.

The Kernel reports that shortly after the removal of the radio, two urban explorers groups and listeners bitten by curiosity, went to Povarovo, a small town 130 kilometers north of Moscow. Povarovo hosts a military base from which emitted radio; position had been discovered thanks to a triangulation of the transmitted signal.

On site, a resident told them that night fog, advanced base was quietly removed in less than 90 minutes. Since then, she has been abandoned, described as a peaceful and quiet place, a maze with many rooms and corridors.

Today, the new issue of the radio base is unknown. The same triangulation method previously used to locate Povarovo gave nothing. Or rather gave three different results, many places where the transmitter could be located through the vast Russia, including a village of 39 souls. However, a particularly intriguing place … because it is located near an area used by the Russian government to disseminate some of its radio stations across the country.

But what is this radio? And who created it? Several competing theories. One of them, issued by the Borok Geophysical Observatory , financed by the Russian government organization ensures that the signal has an observatory that uses a unique frequency to measure changes in the ionosphere, a layer above the planet.

A theory that has its limitations because it does not explain the presence of the military base Povarovo, much less voice messages. And its flaws: the frequency used by the radio, 4.625 kHz, is unsuited to this type of exploration in high altitude. Another theory, the so-called “dead man’s switch” that would signal comes from a secret switch.

The most credible theory has a military explanation. UVB-76 is a communication system of the army which operates throughout Russia to the west, to enable it to pass orders. Coded messages are advertisements for separate military bases; repeated buzz, it is used to mean that the frequency is taken, and to discourage use it. 

But it is not because a theory that holds up the others were dropped. Those conspiracy still hold for many, the rope loose, the radio would herald a future Apocalypse, it would be an international spy network, or a Russian space experiment. Whatever one you join: Once you have started your interest in UVB-76, you will be hard pressed to win.

Caught On Camera: Leopard Runs Off With GoPro

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They say curiosity killed the cat but in this case the cat’s curiosity almost killed the camera.
Roan Ravenhill, 26, a ranger at the MalaMala Game Reserve in South Africa, mounted a GoPro on a wooden stand and waited for the leopard and her 10-month-old cub to come and investigate.
Despite having the leopards’ full attention, the camera survived intact leaving behind beautiful footage of the pair playing and exploring.



Rosalind Peterson from Agriculture Defense Coalition Org testifies here before the UN about the reality of Chemtrails and the deleterious effects on plant and animal life

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If you are still in doubt that the strange lines in your *updated*, “vanilla sky” are airplane contrails – or that the milky haze which lingers all day is NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT, you are sadly mistaken.Chemtrails, Here is your PROOF 100% Real And that it has deleterious effects on plants and animal life

Based in Washington, the Smithsonian Institution is a center of scientific research owner of a zoo and 19 museums. For 11 years, the magazine organizes an annual photo competition

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This photo, taken by Nicolas Reusens is selected in the category retouched images. It shows a red-eyed tree frog in El Arenal, Costa Rica.


A sea turtle on the dive site Black Rock in Ka’anapali, Hawaii.

Based in Washington, the Smithsonian Institution is a center of scientific research owner of a zoo and 19 museums. For 11 years, the magazine organizes an annual photo competition. 


The son of the photographer stands at the foot of Fjallsarlon glacier in Iceland.

New this year is the new category rewarding photos taken with a mobile phone, which comes in addition to the usual categories: natural world, travel, people, America and retouched images.


This photo, entitled  Babylon – Made In Italy, is the village of Cinque Terre in Italy, retouched to look like the tower of Babylon, as painted by the artist Bruegel.

The 2014 edition will live up to expectations, judging by pictures of the 60 finalists selected from 50,000 applicants from 132 different countries.


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