On the evening of Nov. 16th, Artic Meteor Turns Night into Day

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Aurora tour guide Tony Bateman of northern Finland was indoors, warming up between auroras, when his surroundings began to vibrate.

“There was a huge bang and the cottage shook violently,” he reports. “At first I thought it was an earthquake.

Or maybe a tree fell on the cottage roof! I walked outside and inspected the trees. Everything looked okay.” A quick replay of his aurora webcam solved the mystery. “It was an incredible meteor,” he says.

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Moonbow Under The Aurora Borealis

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Surely, a show that will remain in my memory, a week ago, on November 7th. Between fast moving clouds, rain showers which lasted no more than two or three minutes, this fantastic moonbow appeared, when the almost Full Moon managed to break the clouds….(..)

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Venus and Jupiter on the 13th of November very “close”

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At closest approach on Nov. 13th, Venus and Jupiter will be less than 0.3 degrees apart–so close that you can hide them together behind an outstretched pinky finger.

A small telescope will show both planetary disks in the field of view at the same time. That’s worth waking up for. Sky maps: Nov. 12, 13, 14.


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History Repeating: Brigitte GABRIEL, a Brave Woman is Telling what happened in Libanon & Now to Europe & The World

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Frugal mom opts to live in a shipping container—but what’s inside it will leave you amazed

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This woman calls this shipping container “home.”

One of the bonuses of living in such a “house” is that it’s a lot more affordable, which is a huge relief for this mother, who’s now able to spend more quality time with her daughter.

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Northern Lights Invade the USA – auroras spilled across the Canadian border into more than a dozen US states

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Space weather forecasters predicted a minor geomagnetic storm on Nov. 7th.

It turned out to be much stronger. As night fell across North America, auroras spilled across the Canadian border into more than a dozen US states.

Jack Webb photographed these red columns towering over Wapiti, Wyoming.

“At this latitude (+44 N) it takes a pretty good geomagnetic storm to get above it.”

Auroras were sighted in Alaska,Vermont, New York, Wyoming, Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois and–believe it or not–Nebraska!!!!

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Most adorable Spider called Lucas! Short but Nice Animation

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