Writing can be an emotionally rewarding way of letting go of pent up stress and sorrow

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The benefits of writing extend beyond the way it creatively engages the intellect. Writing can be an emotionally rewarding way of letting go of pent up stress and sorrow. It’s good to control and override stressful emotional impulses but it serves no benefit if we keep them inside of us.  Exercise or talking to loved ones about how you feel can help in this regard, but you may find yourself in a situation where you might not have a voice to hear you or you prefer to keep how you feel to yourself but still need a way to release your emotions. Writing in this case can be very helpful.




As the ‘blue Arctic’ expands thanks to global warming, an icebreaker finds no ice to break

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The KV Svalbard, a Norwegian Coast Guard icebreaker. (Source: L. Karsten via Wikimedia Commons )

Shrinking Arctic sea ice now at record-low levels has implications for ecosystems, climate, weather, and people..

During a recent mission off the Arctic archipelago of Svalbard, a Norwegian Coast Guard icebreaker encountered unusual winter conditions for an area just 800 miles from the North Pole.

Open water……


At this time of year, sea ice usually closes in around Svalbard’s northern and eastern coasts. But not this year. The sturdy 340-foot-long, 6,375-ton KV Svalbard had no ice to break, reports Oddvar Larsen, the ship’s First Engineer.



As the ‘blue Arctic’ expands thanks to global warming, an icebreaker finds no ice to break






All over the globe, people are recording extremely loud sounds. The latest coming from Morocco.

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2016 January 4th/5th

Weird loud sounds were heard in Morocco at different locations: Casablanca, Rabat, Sale, Tangier, Marrakech and Agadir etc. No one knows what causes this strange phenomenon.

For the last years it happened all over the United States and Canada, these sounds have also been recorded in Germany, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Sweden, England, Costa Rica, Ukraine and France etc.  If you go to YouTube and type in “strange sounds”, you will literally get hundreds of results from all over the planet

Video clips from around the world have captured an evil-sounding ‘trumpet’ noise coming from the sky — but no one can explain exactly what it is.

During January 2012, several people claim to have heard strange and loud noises coming from nowhere. This video shows a compilation of of several amazing footages from Youtube taken from people all over the world during January 2012.

Strange sounds again in Terrace, BC Canada August 29th 2013 7:




Any explanations?

I can’t find any that really convince me…..Do you?

How to See 5 Planets Align in the Sky This Week

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The alignment of the planets, as seen just before sunrise throughout the week. As the week progresses, the Moon will pass through this view of the sky.(Credit: Roen Kelly/Astronomy)

Five planets adorn the morning sky this week — the same quintet of “wanderers” (Mercury to Saturn) our ancient ancestors recognized as being different from the background stars. Head outside about 45 minutes before sunrise and you will see the solar system objects spread out across approximately 110°.


How to See 5 Planets Align in the Sky This Week



What happens when children don’t have access to the internet and modern technology for a single day? Chaos!

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Child psychologist Yekaterina Murashova describes an unusual experiment in her book showing what happened when a group of teenagers were deprived of access to the internet and modern technology for a single day. We think it’s well worth checking out — you can consider the implications for yourself.

Children and teenagers aged between 12 and 18 years voluntarily spent eight hours alone without access to any means of communication (mobile phones; the internet, etc.). They were also forbidden to turn on the computer, any other electronic gadgets, the radio and the TV. But they were allowed to engage in a number of ’classic’ activities by themselves: writing, reading, playing musical instruments, painting, needlework, singing, walking, and so on.

The author of the experiment, a family psychologist, wanted to prove her working hypothesis that the today’s generation of young people are too often entertained by things not of their making, are incapable of finding ways to keep themselves busy, and are completely unfamiliar with the idea of the world of their imagination. According to the rules of the experiment, the children had to explain the next day how they had coped with being alone under such conditions. They were allowed to describe how they felt at the time of the experiment, and keep a record their actions and thoughts. In the case of excessive anxiety, discomfort or stress the project leaders would recommend stopping the experiment immediately, recording the time and the reason for its termination.

At first glance, the idea seems rather harmless. That’s why the psychologist who organised it mistakenly believed that the experiment would be absolutely safe. Nobody expected such shocking results. Only three of the 68 participants reached the end of the experiment — one girl and two boys. Three of the participants had suicidal thoughts. Five of them experienced intense panic attacks. Twenty-seven experienced symptoms such as nausea, sweating, dizziness, hot flushes and abdominal pain. Almost everyone who took part experienced feelings of fear and anxiety.



About the author




Giants on Record: America’s Hidden History, Secrets in the Mounds and the Smithsonian Files

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This video features the giants and megaliths of New England and the phenomenon of double rows of teeth. #giantsonrecord #lostgiants

Companion book to ‘Search for the Lost Giants’ TV show (History Channel)

Jim Vieira is a stonemason and writer and has collated 1500 newspapers and scholarly accounts of giant skeletons being found in North America, In 2012 he created the online blog ‘The Daily Giant’ presenting one giant report per day. He is star of the History Channel TV show Search for the Lost Giants with his brother Bill. He presented at a prestigious TedX event, but got his lecture controversially taken down just like Graham Hancock and Rupert Sheldrake. He lives in Ashfield, Massachusetts.

Hugh Newman is an explorer, megalithomaniac and author of Earth Grids: The Secret Pattern of Gaia’s Sacred Sites. He has been a regular guest on History Channel’s Ancient Aliens and featured in Search for the Lost Giants. He has articles published in Atlantis Rising (US), New Dawn (Australia) and numerous other publications. As well as organising the Megalithomania conferences and tours, he has spoken at events in the UK, Malta, France, Peru, Egypt, Bosnia and North America. He lives in Glastonbury, England. His websites are http://www.megalithomania.co.uk and http://www.hughnewman.co.uk


A Black Mother Swan carrying her babies across the Lake

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