Life Lessons from an 80 Year Old Who Became the Hottest Guy on Catwalk & still Humble!

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When it’s time to shine, be the brightest! – Deshun Wang

王德順 人生八十 「該炫自己的時候,千萬不要手軟」


How an 80 year old worked for 60 years to become a global phenomenon on Fashion catwalk! Deshun Wang started his life again so many times!

Wang De Shun – A humble and down-to-earth man and China’s favourite grandfather, actor (and catwalk model).

Probably the fittest 80 year old on the planet – An engrossing documentary from LETV about his life and art, from before the Communist Party came to power until the present day.


术大师、电影演员。1960年,王德顺开始做话剧演员。1985年,王德顺开始研究形体哑剧。1987年,王德顺将中国的哑剧带上世界哑剧舞台;1993年,王德顺创造“活雕塑”。2003年,王德顺参演何平执导《天地英雄》。2008年,王德顺参演张新建执导《闯关东》,2012年,王德顺参演张扬执导《飞越老人院》。2014年,王德顺参演董阿成执导电影《判若云泥》,并入围萨兰托电影节。2015年,王德顺参演陈正道执导《重返20岁》; 3月25日,王德顺在中国国际时装周在北京798艺术中心上演,因79岁的王德顺身材没有走样,精神矍铄,其光膀走秀的图片昨天爆红网络。 。


Twin Ice Avalanches in Tibet Leave Scientists Baffled

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Strange Story Out of Tibet Mystifies Scientists

Two ice avalanches occurred in Tibet close to each other and within a short time period, and scientists don’t know why. Here’s Meteorologist Ari Sarsalari to explain.

Story Highlights

Two massive ice avalanches in Tibet’s Aru Range occurred within just a few months of one another, surprising scientists.

Experts say temperatures were close to average, but they have not yet ruled out climate change as a possible factor in the collapse.

Glaciologists were just beginning to wrap their heads around an enormous ice avalanche that occurred in Tibet on July 17. Then, on Sept. 24, it happened again, and scientists are struggling to figure out why.

The two avalanches occurred at Tibet’s Aru Range, just a few kilometers apart, according to NASA’s Earth Observatory. What’s strange about the avalanches – the first of which killed nine people – is that temperatures were close to average leading up to the slides, and the glacier sat on fairly flat terrain, the report added.



New Evidence Indicates Mysterious Planet is Tilting the Sun- Causing Solar System Wobble

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22 oct. 2016

The mysterious, unseen Planet Nine could be causing the sun to tilt and adding a “wobble” to the solar system, according to a new study.

Caltech researchers announced the findings at the American Astronomical Society’s Division for Planetary Sciences meeting Wednesday — nine months after the group initially reported about the massive planet lurking at the outer reaches of our solar system.

Planet 9 Effects on our Solar System:

Australia: Giant Spider Hunts And Catches A Mouse

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23 oct. 2016

Terrifying moment a massive huntsman spider carries a MOUSE

Meal to go! Amazing moment giant huntsman spider carries a MOUSE away with its fangs
Footage shows huntsman spider dragging a mouse up the side of fridge

Fukushima Radiation Has Contaminated The Entire Pacific Ocean & it’s still leaking 300 tons of radioactive waste every day!!

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01_fukushima_entire_pacific_pofukushima-debris-island-400x225Radioactive Debris from Fukushima approaching North America’s western coast       Credit – RT

The nuclear disaster has contaminated the world’s largest ocean in only five years….!!!#

What was the most dangerous nuclear disaster in world history? Most people would say the Chernobyl nuclear disaster in Ukraine, but they’d be wrong.

In 2011, an earthquake, believed to be an aftershock of the 2010 earthquake in Chile, created a tsunami that caused a meltdown at the TEPCO nuclear power plant in Fukushima, Japan.

Three nuclear reactors melted down and what happened next was the largest release of radiation into the water in the history of the world.

Over the next three months, radioactive chemicals, some in even greater quantities than Chernobyl, leaked into the Pacific Ocean. However, the numbers may actually be much higher as Japanese official estimates have been proven by several scientists to be flawed in recent years.


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Help Us Save Park Des Bouillides — Sauvons le Parc des Bouillides

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via Help Us Save Park Des Bouillides — Sauvons le Parc des Bouillides

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Help Us Save Park Des Bouillides




Activities – SOPHIA / ANTIBES (Parc des Bouillides). Help us SAVE the place!

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