Our World Today: Images reveal how wireless networks sweep and surround us and How dangerous it is

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A student has produced a series of vivid photographs that reveal what the networks that keep us connected to the web look like.
The images, created by Luis Hernan from Newcastle University, show spectres of Wi-Fi sweeping and swirling around in bright beams.
They were produced as part of Hernan’s Digital Ethereal project, which aims to bring the invisible world around us to life.



Student Luis Hernan created the photographs using a custom-made instrument designed to reveal them.
It scans continuously for wireless networks, and transforms the signal strength to colour LEDs.

The results are multi-coloured streaks of light which twirl and wrap in spaces, showing how they surround objects and people.
Hernan has also created an app which can be downloaded for free, for Android devices called Kirlian, which allows people to see the strength of Wi-Fi around them.

Concerned about WiFi radiation dangers?

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5 Techniques for Empaths to Prevent Depression and Anxiety

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Being an empath means you’re at greater risk of feeling all the negative energy of the people around you. This can lead anyone down a path of anxiety and depression. Empathic people are especially susceptible to it. So what can we do to avoid depression and anxiety?

1. Don’t be afraid to ask for support

If you’ve been around a bunch of negativity all day, don’t be afraid to ask some upbeat friends to take you to your favorite bar or go with you on your favorite hiking trail. There’s no fault in asking people to help lift that mood up.

2. Keep your space pleasant

When you go out into the world, it can really damage your internal self. For that reason, you should keep your home space exactly as you like it. Clearing clutter and keeping a clean home an help reduce stress when you’re in your sacred space.

3. Talk about your feelings

Much like asking your friends to support you, you can talk about your feelings with people. You can also talk about them with yourself. “When I get mad, what am I trying to show myself?” What could you be missing? What are you not getting enough of? Don’t be afraid to hash out your feelings.

4. Be cathartic

Catharsis is the expression of strong emotions to relieve psychological issues. Doing so can help you relieve some stress and de-depress yourself. So have at it. Yell it out. Get a punching bag and knock it around. Have a cry. Let it all out

5. Be active

Feeling rough? A little anxious? Walk it off! Lift some weights. Go for a hike. Keep yourself active. Not only will you be healthier for it, but you’ll feel better too. Plus it’s a great way to break out of day to day monotony.


Climate Change at the Edge of Space

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Noctilucent clouds overNykøbing Mors, Denmark, on June 13, 2016. Photo credit: Ruslan Merzlyakov

“noctilucent clouds” (NLCs). They appear with regularity in summer months, shining against the starry sky at the edge of twilight. Back in the 19th century you had to go to Arctic latitudes to see them.

In recent years, however, they have been sighted from backyards as far south as Colorado and Kansas.

Noctilucent clouds are such a mystery that in 2007 NASA launched a spacecraft to study them.

The Aeronomy of Ice in the Mesosphere satellite (AIM) is equipped with sensors specifically designed to study the swarms of ice crystals that make up NLCs.  Researchers call these swarms “polar mesospheric clouds” (PMCs).

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Climate Change at the Edge of Space





Can Humans Sense Magnetic Fields?

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People who claim to experience headaches and other sensations during geomagnetic storms are routinely dismissed by orthodoxy.

Yet new research by geophysicist Joe Kirschvink of Caltech shows that rotating magnetic fields can alter human brain waves.

If this research holds up to scrutiny and verification, humans may be added to the list of other creatures such as bees,dogs, and birds that can sense the magnetism all around us.

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Hundreds of genes seen sparking to life 2 days after death

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images (1)

The discovery that many genes are still working up to 48 hours after death has implications for organ transplants, forensics and our very definition of death

When a doctor declares a person dead, some of their body may still be alive and kicking – at least for a day or two. New evidence in animals suggests that many genes go on working for up to 48 hours after the lights have gone out.

This hustle and bustle has been seen in mice and zebrafish, but there are hints that genes are also active for some time in deceased humans. This discovery could have implications for the safety of organ transplants as well as help pathologists pinpoint a time of death more precisely, perhaps to within minutes of the event.



Mysterious Creature Washes Up on Mexican beach

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‘This is a rare animal’ Mystery ‘alien’ creature washes ashore on Mexican beach

A MYSTERIOUS carcass found on a Mexican island has left experts baffled as they try to discover what it is.

The body of the creature was said to be “in such a bad state of decomposition, experts could not determine what it was,” according to local Mexican media outlet BCS Noticias.

However, its haunting appearance has baffled people around the world, who claim the specimen could even be a ‘humanoid fish’ or some form of alien creature.

The as-yet unidentifiable specimen was found on the rocks of Cerralvo Island near the Mexican coast of Baja California Sur.

The specimen was found on Cerralvo Island near the coast of Baja California Sur


US-owned security firm slaughters 24 dogs

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Two dozen bomb-sniffing dogs were killed by an American-owned security firm in Kuwait after its contract with a local oil company expired. The owners say they killed 24 dogs “humanely” because they were sick………!

The animals were slaughtered on June 17. There are a further 100 or so dogs at risk of being killed, according to Kuwait Animal Rescue Unit, an animal rights group.

Earlier this week, the group posted graphic pictures on social media showing bodies of dead dogs piled up in corridors inside the base of Eastern Securities of Kuwait. In one of the pictures, a man is seen resting his foot on a dog’s corpse.

This US-owned company provided services to Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC).

Kuwait Animal Rescue Unit says the security firm killed 24 of its sniffer dogs after losing a contract with the oil company, which reportedly paid Eastern Securities $9,900 monthly for each dog.

KNPC has denied being involved in the slaughter. In an interview with the Kuwaiti News Agency, official spokesman Khaled Al-Asousi said the contract with Eastern Securities was terminated after the dogs failed to sniff out explosives during a third-party test.

However, the security company maintains that it humanely euthanized the dogs because they were old and sick ‒ suffering from conditions such as tumors and hip dysplasia ‒ while some were just too aggressive.

“These dogs were suffering in the condition they were in. In my opinion, this should have been done a year ago,” an unnamed employee told the Arab Times, adding that the dogs had been diagnosed with those issues two years ago.

He also said the company unsuccessfully tried to put the dogs up for adoption.

Nevertheless, Eastern Securities’ description of the events did not ring true with Esmail Al Misri, who lodged a criminal case against the company.

He believe the slaughtered dogs were innocent victims of a conflict between Eastern Securities and its workers, who had not been paid since April 2016.

Misri is especially concerned because he said there are another 90 dogs at risk of being killed. His lawsuit is now awaiting investigation by the authorities.

Eastern Securities executives have denied the allegations the company will put down more dogs.

However, the company has a previous incident on its record of killing canines.

“The company had taken steps to euthanize small groups of dogs over a period of time, but a member of our kennel staff jumped the gun and euthanized them all at once. He has been [fired] for going against the procedure,” the anonymous worker told the newspaper.

The Kuwait Animal Rescue Unit, which made the dog massacre public, is now asking for “animal lovers in Kuwait, USA, and other countries” to give the case greater publicity.


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