A very Bright Canine: Jumpy the Dog

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We all know and love Lassie, Beethoven, and Uggie. Now, meet Jumpy. Following the commands of Hollywood movie dog trainer Omar Von Muller

this 5½-year-old border collie/blue heeler mix shows the amazing tricks that have made him one of Hollywood’s top stunt dogs

The Bahamas: A Pink Paradise, no need for Photoshop, it’s a natural

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On April 14th, 2015 an unstable filament of magnetism rose up and erupted from the sun’s eastern limb, stretching itself out almost 700,000 km long.

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This image from NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory shows the first moments of a very high-rising prominence

The magnetic loop shown above quickly exited SDO’s field of view. It kept going … and going… until it stretched itself out almost 700,000 km long. In East Devon, UK, amateur astronomer David Strange was monitoring the sun and witnessed the extraordinary stretch through the eyepiece of a backyard solar telecope. French astrophotographer Sylvain Weiller saw it, too. For comparison, the prominence was half the diameter of the sun and twice as long as the distance between Earth and the Moon. “It went to an unbelievable height,” says Weiller.

Part of the prominence snapped off and formed the core of a bright CME: movie. The expanding cloud billowed away from the sun’s eastern limb, well off the sun-Earth line, and is not expected to hit our planet. Solar flare alerts: text, voice


Austin: Weird, Wacky, and Worth Photographing

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Follow National Geographic Traveler photographer Dan Westergren as he explores Austin, Texas, and shares tips for photographing authentic moments in this unique city.

Read more about photographing Austin, and see Dan’s photos:

SENIOR PRODUCER: Stephanie Atlas
SOUND: Joshua Riehl
PHOTOGRAPHER: Dan Westergren
PRODUCER: Taylor Gilbert

Denis Budkov trekked inside the dangerous caves to capture the colourful scenes on show

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These amazing images reveal a kaleidoscope of colours in icy caves underneath a glacier.

The rainbow caves are given their various colours by light refracting through the ice – with the thicker the ice, the more emerald they appear.

And a photographer, from Kamchatka, in the Russian Far East, also decided to add his own take – by lighting flares and breathing fire to turn the normally blue hues into dark reds



Marek Nikodem snaps this unique picture of the duo Venus and the Pleiades from Szubin, Poland

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Taken by Marek Nikodem on April 12, 2015 @ near Szubin, Poland


Venus is so bright, it is often mistaken for a landing airplane. The Pleiades, on the other hand, are faint and delicate, often overlooked. As dissimilar as they are, the Goddess of Love and the Seven Sisterslook great together

“It was an amazing view just after sunset on April 12th,” says Nikodem. “Admiring Venus and the Pleiades, I remembered the first launch of Space Shuttle Columbia on this very date 34 years ago.”

The planet and the star cluster will remain together for just a few more nights. When the sun goes down, step outside and look west. Surrounded by twilight blue, Venus is visible immediately. As the sky fades to black, the Pleiades emerge beside her. It’s a nice way to end the day.


Mystery as 160 melon-headed whales wash up on Japanese beaches

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The whales washed up along a 6 mile stretch of coast near Hokato, Japan; Experts have dismissed rumours of impending earthquake as unscientific

The fears appeared to be based on the appearance of 50 melon-headed whales six days before the devastating undersea earthquake in 2011 that caused a tsunami and left 19,000 people dead.

The strandings sparked comparisons with the appearance of 50 melon-headed whales six days before the earthquake in 2011 that left 19,000 dead. Officials instead believe the whales may have suffered a parasitic infection while others say the animals may have been attempting to avoid predators


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