‘I talk to Strangers’ Video: Robbie Stokes packed a couple of bags and embarked on a journey all around the world. “My mama said, don’t talk to strangers. What if she was wrong?”

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Robbie’s mission has started a movement – “I Talk To Strangers”. It is connecting people worldwide, one relationship at a time. See this moving, fun story

According to a prediction by E. Lyytinen and P. Jenniskens, comet 209P/LINEAR will possibly cause a big meteor shower on May 24, 2014.

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You can see our image Above with the comet of a about magnitude ~17. (click on it for a bigger version).

209P/LINEAR is a periodic comet discovered by the Lincoln Laboratory Near-Earth Asteroid Research (LINEAR) survey on five images taken on 2004, February 3.40 (discovery magnitude ~18.1).

Reported by LINEAR as an apparent asteroidal object, it has been found to show a narrow 1′.1 tail in p.a. 274 deg (slightly expanding toward the end) on CCD images obtained by R. H. McNaught with the 1.0-m f/8 reflector at Siding Spring on Mar. 30.8 UT.

This comet has been assigned the permanent designation 209P on 2008, December 12 (previous designation were P/2008 X2 (LINEAR) = P/2004 CB). We performed follow-up measurements of this object on 2014, April 14.95 with the 2.0-m f/10.0 Ritchey-Chretien + CCD telescope of http://telescope.livjm.ac.uk/”La Palma-Liverpool (J13 MPC code).

According to a prediction by E. Lyytinen and P. Jenniskens, comet 209P/LINEAR will possibly cause a big meteor shower on May 24, 2014. On May 29, 2014 this comet will pass just 0.055 AU from Earth or about ~8 million km (while the perihelion,  i.e. closest approach to the Sun, will be on May 6, 2014) making it one of the closest comet approaches in history. Comet 209P/LINEAR will be at magnitude ~10 around the time of the shower.

The main source of activity should become http://feraj.narod.ru/Radiants/Predictions/209p-ids2014eng.html”>1898-1919 trails, however some meteors could be produced by the earlier trails of the comet, down to 1763 trail, which is the oldest computed trail, and even earlier. The computed time of maximum acitivity is May 24, 2014, at 7:21 UT, theoretical radiant is RA=122.8, Dec=+79.0 (in the constellation Camelopardalis).

Exact timing and activity level is difficult to estimate due to the limited physical observations of this comet. The estimate of level of the shower is based on available photometric measurements of the comet. Estimates give a  http://www.imcce.fr/langues/en/ephemerides/phenomenes/meteor/DATABASE/209_LINEAR/2014/index.php”>ZHR of 100/hr to 400/hr, which is an excellent outburst!

But this shower can become an exceptional one. “Indeed, given the current orbit of the comet (from JPL HORIZONS ephemerids database), ALL THE TRAILS EJECTED BETWEEN 1803 AND 1924 DO FALL IN THE EARTH PATH IN MAY 2014!!!” As a consequence, this shower might as well be a storm.  


‘Why I believe aliens landed in a Suffolk forest’ By Nick Pope an ex-Ministry of Defence expert with a compelling dossier of evidence

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  • MoD expert has worked with the two closest witnesses – both servicemen – of the unexplained phenomenon in 1980
  • One recalls seeing a metal craft that could travel at ‘impossible’ speed
  • Radiation levels in the area were measured at well above the norm
  • The two witnesses wrote logs about the incident which they claim were later disappeared as part of a cover-up
  • Staff Sergeant Jim Penniston touched the craft and claims to have ‘downloaded’ a message from the future in binary code
  • The ‘ship’ was seen on three consecutive nights, including by the officer who was second-in-command of the base

Something eerie stirred in the Suffolk forest. Bright lights were flashing red, blue, white and yellow, piercing the darkness just beyond the perimeter of the U.S. Air Force base. Airman John Burroughs, on patrol in the early hours, went to investigate, the hairs on his arms standing on end with the static electricity that suddenly filled the air, his radio mysteriously malfunctioning.

Ahead, a small clearing among the trees shone as bright as day . . .

And so began a mystery that has lasted a third of a century, the truth of what took place remaining as elusive now as it was on that Boxing Day in 1980. Did an alien space ship land, as the world’s UFO-hunters, ET-watchers and X-Files fans have always been desperate to believe?

They were a message, in binary code, for mankind from somewhere. He sought help from code-breakers and passed over to them those lists of ones and zeroes he had compiled back in 1980.

After intensive study, they suggested it represented a message, part of which read in English: ‘Exploration of humanity. Continuous for planetary advance.’
Under hypnosis, Penniston had said something inexplicable: ‘They are time travellers — they are us.’
An extraordinary possibility seized his mind: what had been downloaded into his head from the craft in the forest was a message, but one from, of all places, the future. The mysterious Rendlesham UFO was not from another planet but from another time.

Such an idea stretches credibility. Pope himself is uncertain how to evaluate it.

Staff Sergeant Jim Penniston sketched the craft he says he saw and claims was from the future


FULL ARTICLE ON  http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2608082/Why-I-believe-aliens-landed-Suffolk-forest-No-Nick-Pope-isnt-UFO-fantasist-hes-ex-Ministry-Defence-expert-compelling-dossier-evidence.html#ixzz2zKceLnFQ

M7-CLASS SOLAR FLARE : Sunspot AR2036 erupted on April 18th at 1307 UT, producing a strong M7-class solar flare. 

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An S1-class radiation storm is underway in the aftermath of the flare. However, this is a relatively minor storm which poses minimal threat to satellites and aircraft.

Of greater interest is a CME that emerged from the blast site. The Solar and Heliospheric Observatory recorded the storm cloud racing away from the sun at aproximately 800 km/s:


This CME could deliver a glancing blow to Earth’s magnetic field on April 20-21. Two or three minor CMEs traveling ahead of this one are expected to arrive on April 19-20, and the combined impacts could generate geomagnetic activity throughout the weekend. NOAA forecasters put the odds of a geomagnetic storm at 55% on Saturday, increasing to 75% on Sunday. High-latitude sky watchers should be alert for auroras. Solar flare alerts: textvoice


How many days does the average person live? 70 Years = 25,550 Days….This video addresses the topic with humor, surprise and poignancy

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How many days does the average person live? This video addresses the topic with humor, surprise and poignancy, combining infographic-style motion graphics with excerpts from Prem Rawat’s talks and “man-on-the-street” interviews.

Prem Rawat, currently 56 has accomplished a great deal in his small number of days allotted on Earth. Having originally started out from a lineage of Hindu priests, he has incrementally sloughed off all references to Hinduism, now going by his given name and eschewing all titles and honorifics.

He teaches his techniques of meditation, to which he refers simply as “Knowledge,” with the intent to put the waking consciousness of his students in touch with the indwelling spirit of the Divine – without which, you would not be alive – and which is the center of pure Creative Force of Joy, Love and Peace.

Visions of the Impossible: How ‘fantastic’ stories unlock the nature of consciousness

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The greatest taboo among serious intellectuals of the century just behind us,in fact, proved to be none of the “transgressions” itemized by postmodern thinkers: It was, rather, the heresy of challenging a materialist worldview.
—Victoria Nelson, The Secret Life of Puppets (2002)

Consider two impossible tales.

Scene 1. Mark Twain was famous for mocking every orthodoxy and convention, including, it turns out, the conventions of space and time. As he relates the events in his diaries, Twain and his brother Henry were working on the riverboat Pennsylvania in June 1858. While they were in port in St. Louis, the writer had a dream:

In the morning, when I awoke I had been dreaming, and the dream was so vivid, so like reality, that it deceived me, and I thought it was real. In the dream I had seen Henry a corpse. He lay in a metallic burial case. He was dressed in a suit of my clothing, and on his breast lay a great bouquet of flowers, mainly white roses, with a red rose in the centre.

Twain awoke, got dressed, and prepared to go view the casket. He was walking to the house where he thought the casket lay before he realized “that there was nothing real about this—it was only a dream.”

Alas, it was not. A few weeks later, Henry was badly burned in a boiler explosion and then accidentally killed when some young doctors gave him an overdose of opium for the pain. Normally the dead were buried in a simple pine coffin, but some women had raised $60 to put Henry in a metal one. Twain explains what happened next:

When I came back and entered the dead-room Henry lay in that open case, and he was dressed in a suit of my clothing. He had borrowed it without my knowledge during our last sojourn in St. Louis; and I recognized instantly that my dream of several weeks before was here exactly reproduced, so far as these details went—and I think I missed one detail; but that one was immediately supplied, for just then an elderly lady entered the place with a large bouquet consisting mainly of white roses, and in the center of it was a red rose, and she laid it on his breast.

Who would not be permanently marked, at once inspired and haunted, by such a series of events? Who of us, if this were our dream and our brother, could honestly dismiss it as a series of coincidences? Twain could not.

He was obsessed with such moments in his life, of which there were many. In 1878 he described some of them in an essay and even theorized how they worked. But he could not bring himself to publish it, as he feared “the public would treat the thing as a joke whereas I was in earnest.”

He offered the essay to the North American Review on the condition that it be published anonymously. The magazine refused to do so. Finally, Twain published the article in Harper’s, in two installments: “Mental Telegraphy: A Manuscript With a History” (1891) and “Mental Telegraphy Again” (1895).

Jeffrey J. Kripal is a professor of religious studies at Rice University. He is the author, most recently (with Ata Anzali, Andrea R. Jain, and Erin Prophet), of the textbook Comparing Religions: Coming to Terms (Wiley, 2014).



Parent-Child Internet Addiction Test. Want to know how much you and your family are addicted to the internet? Take the test!

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How do you know if your child may be addicted to the Internet? Many parents at least ask their children how much time they’re spending on the Internet. Trouble is, most kids are apt to lie, especially if they’re already addicted. If the computer is in their room, you have no way of knowing the truth.

The following test may help you determine if you are dealing with Internet addiction in your home. It will be helpful to only consider the time your child uses the Internet for non-academic related purposes when answering.

To assess your level of addiction, answer the following questions using this scale:

1 = Rarely.
2 = Occasionally.
3 = Frequently.
4 = Often.
5 = Always.




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