A high-speed stream of solar wind is buffeting Earth’s magnetic field today & Strange Sunset

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GEOMAGNETIC STORM TODAY: As predicted, a high-speed stream of solar wind is buffeting Earth’s magnetic field today. Since it arrived on Sept. 27th, the stream has sparked G1- and G2-classgeomagnetic storms and bright auroras around the Arctic Circle.

NOAA forecasters say the storms could intensify on Sept. 28th as the stream reaches peak speeds in excess of 700 km/s. High-latitude sky watchers should remain alert for auroras. Free: Aurora Alerts

“I can’t get enough of these lights,” says Katarina Srsenova, who took this picture last night in Iceland’s Thingvellir National Park


More photos are pouring in. Browse the gallery for the latest sightings:

Realtime Aurora Photo Gallery

THE STRANGE THING ABOUT THIS SUNSET….Yesterday at sunset, Mila Zinkova was looking west from Pacifica CA when “something strange happened,” she reports. The sun split into multiple layers and a green flash appeared. But, that wasn’t the strange thing.

Temperature inversions above the ocean surface frequently distort the setting sun off the Califonia coast. “Take a closer look at the picture,” urges Zinkova. “Where did that vertical pillar of light at the bottom come from?” Scroll down for the answer:

“It’s the spout of a whale,” she explains.

In the complete video she recorded, multiple spouts can be seen grazing the bottom of the miraged sun. “Of course the sunset was unusual not because of whales, but because of some very complex temperature inversions in the atmosphere. While the lowest sun was setting, producing green flashes, the upper suns were not in a hurry to leave. They kept disappearing and reappearing.”

Just another evening on the California coast…. Turn up the volume and watch it again.


Horses can learn to communicate with humans and express opinions

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Photo on http://quotesgram.com/human-horse-bond-quotes/

Horses can learn to communicate with humans and express opinions, say scientists

Norwegian scientists hope the research will encourage horse owners to ask their horses more questions

23 out of 23 horses were able to learn to tell their trainer whether or not they needed a rug to wear Getty

Horses can be trained to communicate with humans to express their feelings and opinions, scientists have discovered.

Past research has confirmed that some species of animals, including apes and dolphins, can learn to communicate preferences by pointing at symbols, much like humans.

Contrary to previous expert opinions, it is now believed that horses are intelligent enough to tell their riders whether or not they want to wear a rug.

Using slices of carrot as an incentive, scientists from the Norwegian Veterinary Institute worked with a horse trainer to teach 23 horses of various breeds how to signal if they were too hot or too cold.

First, each horse was trained to approach a board hung on a fence and touch it with its muzzle.

The horses were then shown how to tell the diference between different symbols marked on the board to indicate the notion of “blanket on” (a horizontal bar), “blanket off” (a vertical bar) and no change (blank).

Finally, each horse was traught to associate a particular action with each symbol.

Hot and cold temperature challenges were performed in order to help learning and determine the animals’ level of understanding.

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Fish recorded singing dawn chorus on reefs just like birds

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Bat fish ballad ©Norbert Probst/Getty

Underwater recordings of vocal fish off the Australian coast reveal an ocean choir composed of at least seven distinct choruses

Robert McCauley and colleagues at Curtin University in Perth, Australia, recorded vocal fish in the coastal waters off Port Headland in Western Australia over an 18-month period, and identified seven distinct fish choruses, happening at dawn and at dusk. You can listen to three of them on the website

The low “foghorn” call is made by the Black Jewfish (Protonibea diacanthus) while the grunting call that researcher Miles Parsons compares to the “buzzer in the Operation board game” comes from a species of Terapontid. The third chorus is a quieter batfish that makes a “ba-ba-ba” call.

More on their website


Source: Fish recorded singing dawn chorus on reefs just like birds

When it comes to animal cuteness, we always refer to cats and dogs, but what about pigs?

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When it comes to animal cuteness, we always refer to cats and dogs who usually win the golden medal of the cutests animals on the internet, but what about pigs?

Those little creatures are often forgotten, yet there are as cute as cats or dogs, sometimes even more!

If these don’t make you smile, your smiler must be broken!

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These pictures do make you smile. Give it a try!

Fellowship of the Minds


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Monday Funnies: Dog tired

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Absolutely hilarious and touching. Love them!

Fellowship of the Minds

dog1dog2dog4dog5dog8dog10dog11dogdog12dog14dog16dog17dog18dog19dog20H/t FOTM‘s Ken Russell


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The Bear Fight… Yellowstone

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Love bears. Thanks for these awesome photos as usual!

nomadruss in words and photos

When we left off last week, the blond faced bear was just appearing on the scene. No sooner had Scarface turned towards him and he was gone. Both bears disappeared for a bit. rbt_9637rbt_9642rbt_9650rbt_9652

While there bears were away, the ravens came in for a bite or two. rbt_9665

Soon Scarface would return, wait, that’s not Scarface, that’s the blond faced bear. rbt_9670

So tantalizingly close. He could almost taste his prize. rbt_9677

Not so fast said Scarface. My belly may be full of bison, but I can still fight. rbt_9686rbt_9689

Let’s growl at each other and show our teeth. rbt_9700

The fight began.rbt_9704rbt_9705rbt_9707

It didn’t last long. Afterwards, Scarface threw a paw over the carcass as if saying, this is mine, all mine. rbt_9719rbt_9723rbt_9725

The loser bear dejectedly walks up the riverside. rbt_9730rbt_9735

Scarface said, I’ll just sleep right here. rbt_9781

Truly, this was the most amazing wildlife encounter I’d witnessed all season. I was thankful that the unseen…

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