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Wild horse attacks alligator because nature is brutal. Also, Florida.

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There are odd animal couples, and now we’re introducing odd animal enemies.

A group of people at the at Paynes Prairie State Park in Micanopy, Florida, were shocked to see a band of wild horses pick a fight with an alligator. 

After bullying the alligator out of the brush, one horse decides to stomp the gator, prompting a tense few moments as the crowd of people watched in surprise just feet away.

If you look closely, the gator can clearly be seen biting the horse as it tries to kick its head, though neither appears to be seriously injured immediately following the fight.



Another video before the beatdown shows the alligator was originally in the brush before it was bullied out to the path.



Source: Wild horse attacks alligator because nature is brutal. Also, Florida.

England : Town terrorised by 250 wild horses ‘abandoned by gypsies who can’t afford to feed them’

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USA: Save Wild Horses from Inhumane Roundups!

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