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West Coast orcas experienced 100% infant mortality rate as radiation from Fukushima drifted across ocean

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This image provided by SeaWorld San Diego shows mom and baby killer whales swimming together at SeaWorld San Diego’s Shamu Stadium, Thursday Feb. 14, 2013, in San Diego. Kasatka, a killer whale who is approximately 37 years old, gave birth to the calf Thursday under the watchful eyes of SeaWorld’s zoological team. The calf is estimated to weigh between 300 and 350 pounds and measure 6 to 7 feet. The gender of the calf is not yet known. (AP Photo/SeaWorld San Diego, Mike Aguilera)

The tragedy of Fukushima has been on going since 2011, but the death of our oceans has been oa slow burn for decades. In 2008, the Scientific American reported that there were 406 dead zones — meaning there was not enough oxygen to support life — worldwide.

At that time, the blame was from fertilizer and pesticide runoff. In 2010, scientists lamented the stunning amount of toxic and heavy metals — including aluminum, chromium, titanium, mercury, silver and lead — discovered in whales that lived thousands of miles away from civilization.


According to a report by Common Dreams, these “pollutants were threatening the human food supply.”

Fast forwarding to today, five years past that fateful day in Fukushima, the struggling orca (killer whale) population is in even worse shape.

Are they headed for extinction?



Helen Caldicott: at this point there is no “best case scenario” for Fukushima…..

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Author and Pediatrician Helen Caldicott takes time out of her busy schedule to join me to discuss the unfolding events at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power station in Japan. Fukushima was devastated by a massive earthquake on March 11, 2011 which led directly to a massive failure causing hydrogen explosions which blew the roof off of at least two of the reactor buildings. Tepco and the Japanese government have understated the radiation dangers and the dire reality of the situation from day one. 

Helen says, at this point there is no “best case scenario” for Fukushima, just worsening degrees of horror because it’s scientifically impossible to clean up what has already occurred. And with thousands of spent fuel rods and thousands more active rods still in the fuel pools of the damaged reactor buildings, the worst case scenario – if another major earthquake hits the area – is an ecological nightmare of biblical proportions for everyone living in the Northern hemisphere.

Helen’s site:

For REAL News & Information 24/7:

“This is the way the world ends. 
Not with a bang but a whimper.”
— TS Eliot, ‘The Hollow Men’


March 11th 2014: Hundreds of Japanese protest against the lack of prosecution after Fukushima

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Hundreds of people marched Saturday in Tokyo against the decision of the court to drop charges against those responsible for the Fukushima disaster, three years after the worst nuclear disaster since Chernobyl.

Officially no deaths have been recorded as a direct result of radioactive emissions from the plant row a magnitude 9 earthquake and tsunami in March 2011 in the northeast of Japan.

Yet residents of Fukushima committed suicide because of fears of radiation, and others died during evacuations which saw about 160,000 people leave, voluntarily or not, the vast disaster area.

According to official statistics released last week, 1,656 people died in the prefecture of stress or other related diseases nuclear disaster.

The earthquake and tidal wave killed more than 18,000 deaths and the nuclear disaster.

“There have been many victims, but there is no prosecution,” said Ruiko Muto, 61, organizer of the event on Saturday.

Tens of thousands of people are still unable to return home and scientists believe that certain areas should be permanently discontinued.

Some 15,000 people whose farms and homes were affected by radiation had launched a lawsuit in 2012 against the Japanese government and the leaders of the Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO), operator of the plant.

But in September, the judges decided not to pronounce any charges for negligence, saying that nobody could have predicted an earthquake and a tsunami of such violence and indicating that there was no failure in the response immediately after the disaster .

In addition, some 1,800 people marched Saturday in the port city of Yaizu, about 170 miles southwest of Tokyo, to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the U.S. nuclear test hydrogen bomb on Bikini Atoll.

The 1954 test was caused radiation to the people of the Marshall Islands and caused the death of a dozen Japanese fishermen who were then near the atoll.

Fukushima out of control 2011-2014

Japan’s Homeless are Cleaning up Fukushima Dangerous Nuclear Waste for Less than Minimum Wage

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“Are you hungry? ” Recruiters ask homeless lying in the corridors of Japanese stations. Their purpose? Raise an army of “liquidators” Cheap and not fussy, ready to go clear of radioactive waste in the contaminated area of ​​Fukushima.

According to a review study published by the Reuters news agency, the workforce where mentally handicapped are sometimes working for $ 6 an hour (€ 4.40), a rate slightly below the legal minimum Japan. This money, the homeless do not see color: their pay is largely punctured at source by the employer to cover the cost of food and accommodation in dilapidated dormitories. According to testimonies collected by Reuters, these workers have no device to measure their exposure to radiation. A human being with no protection is said to die in 20 minutes, that’s how bad the situation is!

“We are sure that these people are under-protected and under-informed about the dangers they face, when they have health problems in a few years it will be very difficult to establish responsibilities, “reacts Jacky Bonnemains, spokesman for the environmental group Robin roofs and connoisseur of the Japanese system.

“The country has a tradition of using a mobile workforce for everything related to the periphery of the nuclear industry, he adds. But this is the first time we hear about such a drift. One has the impression of a overwhelmed state.

Not only are they are exposed to contamination and irridiation but they do it for peanuts and are poor people with no means to defend themselves. Shame on Tepco and on the Japanese government for using homeless for their dirty business.

Japan Dumps Nuclear Waste in Pacific with Support of IAEA

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We are having impact on disclosing, uncovering these crimes against humanity. We can do better. Close this Nuclear Era Now!
Place this matter in peoples control.
HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012 Golden Age manifesting Light.

Thank You Mr. Gundersen
Is the Japanese government and the IAEA protecting the nuclear industry and not the people of Japan by claiming that Fukushima is stable when it is not? Fairewinds’ chief engineer Arnie Gundersen outlines major inconsistencies and double-speak by the IAEA, Japanese Government, and TEPCO claiming that the Fukushima accident is over. Dynamic versus static equilibrium, escalated dose exposures to the Japanese children and nuclear workers, and the blending of radioactive materials with non-contaminated material and spreading this
contaminated ash throughout Japan are only a small part of this ongoing nuclear tragedy.…

Radiation forecasts withheld by gov’t: “Ministry DECIDED such data would be unavailable” — Releasing it “would cause unnecessary panic”
and the usual problematic radioactive stuff

IF FUKUSHIMA GOES HYDROVOLCANIC part 2 12.2.2011 Wide Awake News

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PART 2. Less about explosive event, more about Agenda 21 / depopulation and radiation levels / cancer rates before and after Fukushima.

See links on vid part 1.

Wide Awake news with Charlie McGrath is on weeknights 6 pm west coast 9 pm east coast

How radiation poisoning relates to Agenda 21 by Leuren Moret:

New events at Fukushima may indicate a possible fire, or above ground reaction occurring..

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