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Please What to do to Help them Save le Parc des Bouillides (French Riviera)

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The Parc des Bouillides located around Valbonne, French Riviera is a very popular park in the South East part of France.

Everybody comes here to enjoy a “free” gorgeous area. You can chill out, play, run, practice sports in a preserved environment but not for long…

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It’s a must to stop the local politicians and the French Railway Company, SNCF, from destroying the Parc des Bouillides as they want to implement a railway station in the core of it!

4500 people live around the park plus many trees, animals, even a rare species of turtle.

Please help us out. In advance thank you for supporting its conservation by signing the petition online:


Giving your opinion on the website of the “SNCF Ligne Nouvelle”. All voices matter:

If you read (or not) French you can simply click on our page the “I Like” button and find out about our action on:




Help Us Save Park Des Bouillides — Sauvons le Parc des Bouillides

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via Help Us Save Park Des Bouillides — Sauvons le Parc des Bouillides

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Help Us Save Park Des Bouillides




Three ‘mini-quakes’ hit the the Cote d’Azur Just days after a minor earthquake was recorded off the coast of Menton, three further tremors have been registered in Monaco.

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