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Taken close up, these every day life insects seem to have transformed into creatures from another planet.

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A beetle covered with water drops.



These incredible photographs reflect the advances made in the field of macro, a process that can take pictures with the subject’s size is larger than its actual size.


A fly covered in drops of water.


Fly a red-covered water drops all sizes.


A fly is photographed using a macro windscreen, with a pink flower in the background


A Macro of an ant.


This photo taken in close-up gives the impression that this fly back in the future.


Thousands of genetically modified insects set for release

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Anthony Gucciardi
Natural Society

Just when you thought genetically modified mosquitoes and mutated dinner entrees were the extent of biotech’s hunger to manipulate the genetic coding of the planet, scientists have now unleashed a plan to launch thousands of ‘frankenfly’ style insects into the wild in order to combat pests.

And just like we saw with the release of genetically modified mosquitoes, the altered insects are actually being pushed as a ‘green alternative’ to the use of chemicals. You see, British scientists claim that mutating the genetic code of the insects is actually a way of substituting for the use of chemical pesticides.

Chemical pesticides used to lower the population of olive flies in Britain. The reality here, however, is that you are taking something damaging like chemical pesticides and replacing it with something far worse.

It’s like trading in your aging car for a bicycle, except in this case the bicycle also happens to include side effects like ‘may alter the genetic structure of the entire insect population’.

Rome/Vatican : Peace doves refused to leave, a bad omen?

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Doves of peace released by Pope Benedict XVI during the weekly Angelus prayer refused to leave the Vatican and flew straight back in through the open window.