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Wild horse attacks alligator because nature is brutal. Also, Florida.

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There are odd animal couples, and now we’re introducing odd animal enemies.

A group of people at the at Paynes Prairie State Park in Micanopy, Florida, were shocked to see a band of wild horses pick a fight with an alligator. 

After bullying the alligator out of the brush, one horse decides to stomp the gator, prompting a tense few moments as the crowd of people watched in surprise just feet away.

If you look closely, the gator can clearly be seen biting the horse as it tries to kick its head, though neither appears to be seriously injured immediately following the fight.



Another video before the beatdown shows the alligator was originally in the brush before it was bullied out to the path.



Source: Wild horse attacks alligator because nature is brutal. Also, Florida.

Awesome Everglades Sky

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Giant Shrimp-Like Creature Pulled From Water By Florida Fisherman

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Chances are you’ve never seen a shrimp like this before.

A Florida fisherman got more than he bargained for when he pulled an 18-inch-long shrimp-like creature from the water while doing some night time fishing from a dock this week in Fort Pierce, Florida, a coastal city about a two-hour drive north from Miami.

Steve Bargeron, who was fishing on the same dock where the creature was snagged, snapped the photos above and shared them with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Service.

They’re usually found in the warm waters of the Indian and Pacific oceans, and their lineage can be traced back more than 500 million years.

Falcon’s Fury is the tallest freestanding drop tower in Tampa, Florida

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Last night in Key West, Florida, Scott Wilson looked out over the Gulf of Mexico and saw 2 big sunspots melting into the sea:

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The strange shape of the sun in Wilson’s picture is a mirage caused by refraction in warm air just above the sea surface. There are many types of sunset mirages. This one is called the “Omega Sun” because the sun resembles the Greek letter omega.

Browse the gallery for more sunspot sunsets:

Virus kills over 1,000 bottlenose dolphins along US east coast

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ORLANDO: More than 1,000 migratorybottlenose dolphins have died from a measles-like virus along the US Eastern Seaboard in 2013 and the epidemic shows no sign of abating, a marine biologist said on Monday.
The death toll exceeds the 740 dolphins killed during the last big outbreak of the then-unknown virus in 1987-88.

“It is having a significant impact and that is something we’re monitoring closely,” said Erin Fougeres, a marine mammal biologist for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).An estimated 39,206 bottlenose dolphins populated the eastern seaboard, to a depth of 25 feet, from New Jersey to Central Florida in 2010, according to the latest NOAA census.

Scientists are trying to determine why the morbillivirus resurged this year. The dolphins, which migrate south for the winter, have been stranded or found dead on beaches from New York to Florida since June, Fougeres said.

An unknown number of affected dolphins likely died offshore as well, she said. A record number of manatees have also died in Florida waters this year, mostly from a toxic algae bloom in the Gulf of Mexico, according to the state’s Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

Terrifying Moment THREE BEARS Take a Dip in Florida Swimming Pool | RAW Footage Caught on Camera

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Published on Dec 17, 2013

Incredible moment homeowner catches three giant black bears taking a dip in her Florida swimming pool The bears sneaked into the back yard in North Naples, Florida TJ Ozbay fled inside when she spotted the creatures lounging around She said: ‘I think it was the sound of the hose that attracted them’ Black bears are found in most parts of North America

A woman was left horrified after she stumbled across a family of bears cooling off in her swimming pool.

The three enormous bears sneaked into the back yard in North Naples, Florida, and took a leisurely dip in the outdoor pool.

TJ Ozbay fled inside when she spotted the huge creatures lounging in her garden after they broke through screen fencing – before recording the ordeal on her mobile phone.

The bears roamed around the garden for almost an hour leaving the homeowner fearing for her life indoors.

Black bears are found in most parts of North America and despite being less dangerous to humans than their bigger grizzly cousins – adults can still weigh up to 550lbs.

Between 1900 and 1980 23 fatalities were reported caused by black bear attacks.

Speaking to NBC2 (WBBH-TV), she said: ‘I think it was the sound of the hose that attracted them in to my garden.

‘I closed all of the doors and the curtains and ran inside. I told the bears to get out of here – go away I said, don’t come inside. It was very, very scary.’

A panicked TJ called the emergency services to report the surprise visitors after one of the bears came up to the sliding glass door she was hiding behind.

She told the operator: ‘There are three bears on my balcony. They are trying to get in to my house. I’m so scared – they’re trying to break through my window.’

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