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Awareness Helps!

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5 Techniques for Empaths to Prevent Depression and Anxiety

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Being an empath means you’re at greater risk of feeling all the negative energy of the people around you. This can lead anyone down a path of anxiety and depression. Empathic people are especially susceptible to it. So what can we do to avoid depression and anxiety?

1. Don’t be afraid to ask for support

If you’ve been around a bunch of negativity all day, don’t be afraid to ask some upbeat friends to take you to your favorite bar or go with you on your favorite hiking trail. There’s no fault in asking people to help lift that mood up.

2. Keep your space pleasant

When you go out into the world, it can really damage your internal self. For that reason, you should keep your home space exactly as you like it. Clearing clutter and keeping a clean home an help reduce stress when you’re in your sacred space.

3. Talk about your feelings

Much like asking your friends to support you, you can talk about your feelings with people. You can also talk about them with yourself. “When I get mad, what am I trying to show myself?” What could you be missing? What are you not getting enough of? Don’t be afraid to hash out your feelings.

4. Be cathartic

Catharsis is the expression of strong emotions to relieve psychological issues. Doing so can help you relieve some stress and de-depress yourself. So have at it. Yell it out. Get a punching bag and knock it around. Have a cry. Let it all out

5. Be active

Feeling rough? A little anxious? Walk it off! Lift some weights. Go for a hike. Keep yourself active. Not only will you be healthier for it, but you’ll feel better too. Plus it’s a great way to break out of day to day monotony.

Japan : An outstanding Teacher In Tokyo : Toshiro Kanamori

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Eight weeks to a better brain Meditation study shows changes associated with awareness, stress

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Evolution of Fairness Driven by Culture, Not Genes By Brandon Keim

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