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6 Secret Cities That Prove We Don’t Know What’s Really Going On

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The six secret cities are:

  1. Los Alamos, New Mexico, USA, during WWII: site of the Manhattan Project, where the first nuclear weapons were produced.
  2. Ozersk, Chelyabinsk, Russia: birthplace of the Soviet nuclear weapons program after WWII.
  3. Wünsdorf, Zossen, former East Germany (now Germany): site of the largest Red Army camp outside of the Soviet Union during the Cold War.
  4. 404, China: where China developed its first nuclear bomb.
  5. Camp Century, Greenland: An ultimately abandoned U.S. Army project to build a vast network of thousands of nuclear mobile missile launch sites targeted at the Soviet Union.
  6. Challakere, India: The only city in this group of six which is contemporary. A top-secret nuclear city, construction of which began in 2012, with thousands of tons of uranium to build hundreds of nuclear bombs.


Russian divers recover half-tonne meteor from lake

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Divers working at a Russian lake have recovered a half-tonne chunk of the space rock that exploded over Chelyabinsk earlier this year.

The object plunged into Lake Chebarkul in central Russia on 15 February, leaving a 6m-wide hole in the ice.

Scientists say that it is the largest fragment of the meteorite yet found.



More than 1,600 people were injured when a 17m, 10,000-tonne space rock burned up over Central Russia, breaking windows and rocking buildings.Live footage showed a team pull out a 1.5-metre-long (five-foot-long) rock from the lake after first wrapping it in a special covering and placing it on a metal sheet while it was still underwater.

The fragment was then pulled ashore and placed on top of a scale for weighing, an operation that quickly went wrong. The rock broke up into at least three large pieces as it was lifted from the ground with the help of levers and ropes. Then the scale itself broke, the moment it hit the 570kg (1,255lb) mark.

Chelyabinsk Oblast on Russia map

Chelyabinsk Oblast on Russia map (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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