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Dementia cases doubling: nearly 15 percent of people aged 71 or older have dementia

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Today, nearly 15 percent of people aged 71 or older have dementia – almost 4 million people. Experts predict that number will more than double to 9 million people by 2040, costing the country more than $500 billion.

What’s worse is these statistics do not include mild cognitive impairment (MCI), or “pre-dementia,” which accounts for another 22 percent of people over 71.

How to lower your risk of dementia

Some experts say there is no way to prevent dementia, but studies show diet and lifestyle influence brain health. We can use that knowledge to lower the risk for dementia.

The good news is you can slow the rate of brain degeneration and lower your risk of dementia with the following tips:

Ditch the sugar, processed starchy foods, and junk foods. These foods lead to insulin resistance (pre-diabetes) and Type 2 diabetes. The link between a…

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A 70-year-old Swedish woman in Dalarna is being prosecuted for hate speech after claiming on Facebook she saw migrants defecating in the streets and setting fire to cars…..!!!!

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According to the prosecution, the woman “expressed a disparaging view of refugees” on Facebook. She stands accused of having taken to the social media website in early July 2015 to make the “derogatory” post, alleging that migrants “set fire to cars, and urinate and defecate on the streets”.

Prosecutors in Sweden say the woman’s message violates the nation’s law on incitement to racial hatred (Hets mot folkgrupp, or HMF), a crime with carries a maximum penalty of four years.

Here’s the proof

The accused admitted that she wrote the post but denied committing any criminal act. The evidence against her consists of a screenshot from Facebook, according to local media.

People took to Flashback, the net’s largest Swedish language forum, to criticise the state’s decision to prosecute the pensioner, with one poster lamenting the accused “has fallen into the clutches of the politically correct”.

A user with the screen name ‘Nospheratu’ pointed out that the original idea behind HMF was “to prevent large-scale propaganda by political parties” against demographic groups, with lawmakers “having 1930s Germany in mind” whilst passing laws. The user slammed the law for being used to “prosecute old ladies on the bus” criticising immigrants.

Another slammed Sweden for hypocrisy, accusing the nation’s media and politicians of condemning restrictions on freedom of speech and expression in other countries “while themselves engaging in the worst kinds of witch hunts of dissidents”.

Sweden’s Justice Minister Morgan Johansson cited freedom of speech when he rejected Gothenburg police chief Erik Nord’s suggestion that the country deports Islamic State-supporting migrants, after the Islamist terror attack in Stockholm last month.

“We have freedom of speech in Sweden. This means people have the right to hold repulsive opinions here,” said Johansson.

“But there are always limits… For example when it comes to hate speech,” added the minister, who called Nord’s policy suggestion “problematic”, and demanded the police chief “explain himself”.

Puget Sound in Seattle: 81 Drugs Found in Wild Salmon Flesh!! Cocaine, OxyContin, Paxil, Valium, Flonase, fungicides, antibiotics, nicotine, caffeine & more

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If you have salmon on the menu for this evening, take a moment and check where it came from. If it hails from Puget Sound in Seattle, you may wish to reconsider your dinner plans.

Here’s the bad news: researchers have found that wild-caught salmon caught in Puget Sound may contain a wide array of contaminants. These include cocaine, OxyContin, Paxil, Valium, Flonase, fungicides, antibiotics, nicotine, caffeine and more. Yes, that’s wild-caught salmon — the kind considered the safest and healthiest to eat.

study published in the journal Environmental Pollution tested levels of various “contaminants of emerging concern,” a.k.a. CECs, in estuaries near sewage treatment plants across the nation. Researchers took samples from estuary waters. They also checked juvenile chinook salmon and Pacific staghorn sculpin.

In the waters of Puget Sound, researchers found 81 drugs and other contaminants in the flesh of the chinook salmon. Additionally, researchers found traces of feces. The contaminant levels found in Puget Sound were some of the highest in the United States.


Mike Horn: A True & Outstanding Adventurer who loved his mother

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“Today is Mothers Day, My thanks for the education, discipline, passion and belief you taught me! It set a solid base in my life!
But you gave me more. You gave me wings and freedom to go out there and explore the world!

My mother could take the place of many, but nobody can ever take her place!”

Find out about Mike Horn’s exploits:


Very Rare: Alaskan Man Is Feeding A Huge Flock Of Bald Eagles

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Bald eagles are rare, fascinating creatures. For most people, spotting one of these dignified birds in the wild is a stroke of luck, and unless they’re at a zoo, interacting with them is almost unheard of.

That’s not the case for Alaskan fisherman Jessie Peek, though, who claims that seeing the majestic birds up close is “just another day in Alaska.” If you don’t believe him, watch how he gets a bunch of bald eagles to flock right to his feet…


Barbarians at Work: This Puppy Strapped With Bomb Vest And Sent Out In The Battle Field As A Suicide Bomber

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The Isis fighters have turned to new methods, drones to drop grenades and bombs on forces and civilians to retain the territory they control. Now, this  little dog has been given to wear homemade explosives, designed to detonate by remote control.


For the third day in a row, the sun is blank–no sunspots. NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory photographed the featureless face of our star on May 12th

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This marks the 32nd day in 2017 that the sun has been without spots. Cumulatively, it adds up to more than a month of blank suns–and it’s only May. For comparison, it took all 12 months of 2016 for the sun to accumulate 32 spotless days. The accelerating pace of spotlessness is a sign that Solar Minimum is approaching.

Solar Minimum is yin to the yang of Solar Maximum, a natural part of the sun’s 11 year sunspot cycle. Contrary to popular belief, Solar Minimum is not boring …only different. It brings a time of enhanced cosmic rays, pink auroras, a collapsing ionosphere and accumulating space junk. With action like that, who needs sunspots? Stay tuned for more blank suns.


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