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A Talking Porcupine called Teddy Bear who does’nt want to Share His Corn on the Cob!

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A talking porcupine! Zooniversity’s North American porcupine, “Teddy Bear,” gets a cob of corn for a treat — but, he doesn’t like to share. Listen carefully to see what he has to complain about!

Solar storms and a range of other space energy contributors modulate the Schumann Resonance

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Reader’s question: Historically, does this coincide with solar storms? Solar storms and a range of other space energy contributors modulate the SR. A gamma ray burst significantly changed the SRs in 2004 Dez 27th, (the day after the Indian Ocean Tsunami.) The SRs have been monitored since the late 1960’s, thus the long-term connections are […]

via Schumann Resonance 3-16 / 3-18-2018 and the connection to space weather — Abrupt Earth Changes

Last Chance to Call Congress to Save Our Wild Horse and Burros on Take Action Tuesday

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Congress is set to vote this week on the Spending Bill for 2018. The House’s version calls for killing 45,000 wild horses and burros in holding facilities and an additional 45,000 wild horses and burros deemed “excess” that are still free on our public lands. The Senate version protects our wild horses and burros. We need to call our representatives before the final vote at the end of this week. Please join us on Take Action Tuesday.


via Urgent! Wild Horses Need Your Help on Take Action Tuesday

Brazilia: Giant Saucer shaped Clouds

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Yesterday as the sun was setting over Brazil, “we saw a Big Show in the sky of Brasília,” reports local resident Leo Caldas. “Giant saucer shaped clouds appeared, and they were filled with iridescent color.”

These are pileus clouds. On warm summer afternoons, cumulus clouds boil upwards, pushing layers of moist air above them even higher where they cool and condense to form cloud caps (‘pileus’).


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