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Rare albino squirrel spotted by Tim Clifton who captured on camera the  rodent in Alexandra Park, Hastings, East Sussex 

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An amateur wildlife photographer caught once-in-a-lifetime pictures of a rare albino squirrel posing in his ‘white suit’ – without realising it had been ruined with spots of dirt on the end of its nose.

Father-of-two Tim Clifton, 54, couldn’t believe his luck when the unusual squirrel modeled in front of the camera for an hour in Alexandra Park in Hastings, East Sussex.


In some of the pictures the rodent doesn’t seem to realise he has dirt on his nose, ruining his perfect white coat, while confidently posing.

Mr Clifton, from St Leonards-On-Sea, East Sussex, said: “He came out with a dirty nose and It looked like he had a white suit on but he didn’t realise he had messed it up. It was quite funny.

“Squirrels are usually quite shy but he was quite brave. I couldn’t believe my luck. He was very confident posing for the camera.


Source: Rare albino squirrel spotted in Alexandra Park in Hastings | Daily Mail Online

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