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San Diego brewery makes beer with SEWAGE water 

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Toilet to tap: California brewery makes beer with treated SEWAGE water… and curious customers describe the taste as ‘outstanding’

A Southern California brewery has successfully tested a beer using treated sewage water.

Stone Brewing, a large craft brewing operation headquartered in Escondido, presented its Full Circle Pale Ale to curious customers at an event Thursday in San Diego.

The new ale is made using recycled, treated sewage water and is part of San Diego’s plan, ‘Pure Water San Diego,’ to get a third of its water from recycled sources by 2021.

And the verdict for the brew, which some have dubbed ‘toilet to tap,’ seemed to be quite positive, SF Gate reported.

San Diego mayor Kevin Faulconer told the Times that the brew was ‘fantastic’ and added: ‘There’s no better way to highlight the purity of this water.’

Other patrons said the brew was ‘outstanding’ and ‘delicious.’

Source: San Diego brewery makes beer with SEWAGE water | Daily Mail Online

Massive ocean DIE OFF foreshadows the era of global human population collapse

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The oceans of Earth have been home to countless creatures over the course of the planet’s lifetime. But the once-friendly bodies of water that stretch between continents have grown inhospitable for many of its former residents, and as such, an unprecedented amount of ocean life die-off is occurring.

The destruction of Earth’s oceans and the marine life that inhabits them is nothing short of devastating, and if the human race is not careful, we too may live to see our species’ light go out, so to speak. Indeed, a collapse of magnificent proportions could be on the horizon.

Dead ocean zones have been growing at a concerning pace for years. In 2015, dead zones reportedly accounted for 10 percent of the world’s ocean area, and that number is constantly on the rise.

Dead zones in the ocean refer to areas where the oxygen levels in the water have grown too depleted to support life. Agrochemical and fertilizer run-off, overfishing and the seeping of toxic heavy metals and radioactive material into the oceans all play a substantial role in the growth and proliferation of dead ocean zones.

In 2008, nearly the entire east and south coasts of the United States were littered with dead zones. And as Scientific American reports, in 2008, there were 405 known ocean dead zones worldwide — up from just 49 in the 1960s.

Sea floors have reportedly taken about 1,000 years to recover from past eras of low oxygen, and only a few dead zones are known to have had quick rebounds from the devastation it brings. The Black Sea, for instance, sprung back to life quite quickly after the collapse of the Soviet Union — which came with a substantial reduction in fertilizer run-off.

Fertilizer run-off is a significant problem in ocean waters. The chemicals may not be helping crops grow faster, but they do feed massive algae blooms on the water’s surface. As the blooms die and sink to the ocean floor, they are feasted upon by microbes — which take up oxygen in the process. And the more algae there is, the more oxygen is being taken up by microbes. In turn, this reduces the amount of oxygen available to other species. This results in the fleeing of fish, crustaceans and other mobile sea creatures. Those that are immobile, such as clams, are sadly left to succumb to the oxygen-deprived waters.


Source: Massive ocean DIE OFF foreshadows the era of global human population collapse

Hero cat pounds on door; saves family from carbon monoxide poisoning — Fellowship of the Minds

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Carbon monoxide kills.

Every year, on average, 430 Americans die from carbon monoxide poisoning, according to the CDC. Although you can’t see or smell carbon monoxide, a Maine Coon cat named Gracie in Wisconsin somehow knew, and saved her human family from carbon monoxide poisoning by pounding on their bedroom door, thereby, waking up the […]

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USA National Parks’ Mystery: How at least 1,600 People Went Missing from Our Public Lands Without a Trace

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July 23, 2015 was the eve of Joseph Lloyd Keller’s 19th birthday. The Cleveland, Tennessee, native had been spending the summer between his freshman and sophomore years at Cleveland State Community College on a western road trip with buddies Collin Gwaltney and Christian Fetzner in Gwaltney’s old Subaru. The boys had seen Las Vegas, San Francisco, and the Grand Canyon before heading to Joe’s aunt and uncle’s dude ranch, the Rainbow Trout Ranch, in the San Juan Mountains in southwestern Colorado. 

The ranch is in Conejos County, which is bigger than Rhode Island, with 8,000 residents and no stoplights. Sheep graze in the sunshine; potatoes and barley are grown here and trucked north to Denver. Three new marijuana dispensaries in the tiny town of Antonito lure New Mexicans across the nearby state line. 

Conejos—Spanish for “rabbits”—is one of the poorest counties in Colorado. It’s also a helluva place to get lost. While its eastern plains stretch across the agricultural San Luis Valley, its western third rises into the 1.8-million-acre Rio Grande National Forest, which sprawls over parts of nine counties. Go missing out here and your fate relies, in no small part, on which of those nine counties you were in when you disappeared. 

Joe, a competitive runner, open-­water swimmer, and obstacle-course racer, and Collin, a member of the varsity cross-­country team at Division I Tennessee Tech, had been running together often during their trip. Neither was totally acclimatized to the altitude—the ranch sits just below 9,000 feet. Joe was a bit slower than his friend. He suffered from asthma as a three-year-old but had kicked it by age 12. The workout would be routine: an hourlong run, likely along Forest Road 250, which bisects the ranch and continues into the national forest, following the Conejos River upstream. 

Joe left his phone and wallet at the ranch house. He wore only red running shorts, blue trail shoes, and an Ironman watch. Shirtless, with blond anime hair and ripped muscles, he looked more like a California lifeguard than a Tennessee farm kid. 

4:30 p.m. The friends started out to­gether. Neither runner knew the area, but old-timers will tell you that even a blind man could find his way out of Conejos Canyon: on the south side, runner’s left, cattle graze in open meadows along the river. On the north side, ­ponderosa pines birthday-­candle the steep tuff until they hit sheer basalt cliffs, a massive canyon wall rising 2,000 feet above the gravel road toward 11,210-foot Black Mountain….



94-Yo Grandmother Who Has Practiced Martial Arts For 9 Decades Can Still Kick Your Butt

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Don’t let Zhang Hexian’s age fool you as the 94-year-old has a particular set of skills that make her a nightmare for thugs anywhere. The resident of Ninghai County in east China’s Zhejiang Province has been practicing Chinese martial arts since she was four and through the years she has refined her skills with great diligence and effort to become affectionately known as “Kung Fu Grandma”.

Regarded as “the village of martial arts,” nearly everyone in the village where Zhang lives practices kung fu. As the eighth descendant of her family, Zhang learned kung fu under her father’s instruction at the age of four and has continued to practice throughout nine decades.

“My dad took me to sleep at that time. When we woke up in the morning, we started practicing kung fu in bed. I learned basic martial arts skills such as pushing palm and throwing a punch at an early age,” said Zhang Hexian.

Practicing kung fu has become a daily routine in Zhang’s life. Every morning, Zhang does kung fu exercises without feeling tired. Apparently she is in good health.

“She wakes up very early and does physical exercises every morning. She usually runs around the village for morning exercise,”said Zhang’s son Feng Chuanyin.

Zhang recalled that she once fought against a bully when she was young. The bully was beating his wife when Zhang saw him. To uphold justice, Zhang grabbed his collar, ripped his shirt off and urged him to behave well.

Apart from being a deterrent to hooligans and ruffians, Zhang is also a warm-hearted woman willing to help others, which is one of the secrets of her longevity.

“She always has a good mood with a positive attitude. Helping others is also good for her health,” said Feng.
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March 2017: Metallic, trumpet-like sounds in recorded in Sweden! What is it? Haarp? A Phenomenon Worldwide for the last few years

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