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UK: 60 swans rescued after dumped oil deluges three miles of town river

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60 swans were rescued after hundreds of gallons of oil deluged more than three miles of a town centre river.


The Environment Agency (EA) is now using “absorbent booms” to soak up the oil streak in the River Kennet, in Reading, while they try to track down the culprit.

“Every effort is being made to find the source of this pollution which we believe to have originated in the industrial areas in south Reading,” said an EA spokesman


An Ivory Gull, rarely found away from pack ice, flew over to Flint, Michigan

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FLINT (WJRT) – (03/11/17) – It’s a bird watchers dream.

A rare bird made a special appearance in Flint.

Bird watchers spotted the Ivory Gull near the University of Michigan-Flint and called ABC12.

The bird is a long way from its natural habitat.

The Ivory Gull rarely comes south of the Bering Sea.

“It’s just luck that a local person had the presence of mind to get photos of the bird and birders identified it. And of course now, people are coming in from all over.

People drove up from Columbus, Chicago who have been birding for 30 years and saw their first Ivory Gull, that’s a major celebration,” said Kenn Kaufmann, field editor of the Audubon Magazine.

The Ivory Gull is rarely is found away from pack ice, spending the winter on the ice north of Newfoundland.

This is believed to be only the second Ivory Gull ever found in Michigan.


The oldest tree in the world was alive when Stonehenge was under construction and around the time humans developed their first writing system

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Hidden in the mountains of California, Nevada, and Utah, lurk some of the oldest known long-living species of the Great Basin bristlecone pine, or Pinus longaeva.

One member of this species, noted to be 5066 years old, is considered the oldest known living organism on Earth. The ancient tree can be found in the White Mountains in California, but its exact location is kept secret.

The tree was cored by specialist Edmund Shulman, dedicated researcher and explorer of long-lived trees, and its age was determined by Tom Harlan.


Accident? At least 34 dead after bus drives into crowd in Haiti then some people attacked the bus to burn it before police rescued the passengers aboard

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The bus driver fled and was being sought. Mr Faustin said the cause of the accident was unclear……(no kidding?)

The injured were being treated at a hospital in Gonaives, about 60 miles (100 kilometres) north-west of the capital Port-au-Prince.

Not a terrorist attack like everywhere, the press, the politics are hiding the ugly truth

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Planning to Get away in Europe? Check it out! Most Dangerous Places to Go on Holiday

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