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Plans announced to ‘refreeze’ the Arctic! — Don’t Panic! Lighten Up! —

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Sometimes an idea comes along that adds another chapter to the Book of Stupid. You might think windmills on land are an indulgent, pointless fantasy, but take that idea and make it worse:

(CNN) A team of scientists has a surprisingly simple solution to saving the Arctic: We need to make more ice.

A team at Arizona State University has proposed building 10 million wind-powered pumps to draw up water and spill it out onto the surface of the ice, where it will freeze faster. Doing so would be complicated and expensive — it’s estimated to cost a cool $500 billion, and right now the proposal is only theoretical.

It’s not like we have anything better to do with half a trillion dollars. Should we cure cancer or refrigerate one of the coldest places on Earth? Should we teach our kids about the fall of civilizations, or teach them to bow before prophets who keep predicting the end of the Arctic and getting it wrong?

Or we could add ice to the whole arctic for just $5 trillion

Tristan Hopper explains the beefed up plan would absorb the “entire steel production of the United States”, “half the worlds container fleet”, and cost about the same as the “GDP of Japan”. It would also make 163 million tonnes of CO2. He’s serious, and so are the ivory tower guys:

“… the researchers from Arizona State University call the cost “economically achievable” and the environmental impact “negligible.””

We could fund it all by giving up on universities right now. When it comes to the Tertiary Sector — just say “No”.


The giant water pumps would sit on buoys floating in the Arctic Sea. They would take up water from beneath the ice, store it in a tank and then spray the water on top of the ice.

The machines would be powered by the wind, which is plentiful in the Arctic, in a similar way to windmills you see creating power on farms.

Yes, it’ll be just like windmills on farms, except they float on water, are subject to extreme weather, and produces nothing that any human needs within a 3,000km radius.

The team estimates in the paper that 10 million devices could add a meter of sea ice onto the current level of ice over the course of a winter. That’s a meter of ice on each tenth of a square kilometer.

“That’s a significant change,” said Desch. The sea ice only grows two to three meters in thickness during the winter.

To make a dent in the loss of ice, you would need to cover about 10% of the Arctic, which adds up to 10 million machines, he said.

What could possibly go wrong? The noise from ten million wind turbines might drive ten thousand whales crazy and destroy the sleep of a million polar bears.

Where is Greenpeace when you need them.

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Source: Plans announced to ‘refreeze’ the Arctic! — Don’t Panic! Lighten Up! —

Better Believe it! Paris ‘No Go Zones” Do They Really Exist? You Will Be Surprised (not only in Paris…)

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Russian TV made a program about Paris’s ever expanding Muslim no-go zones to show Russia where it is heading by letting in Muslim migrants.

No one is safe from these vile, savaged, violent and horrid Muslim immigrants who contribute nothing but human degradation on society. The Muslims attack non-Muslims, threaten children in schools forcing them […]

The Muslims attack non-Muslims, threaten children in schools forcing them to eat only halal food whether they are Muslim or not, burn cars, buildings and surroundings to generate the fire brigade and police so they can attack them.

Like in Britain these savages have filled France with rapes, murder, harassment, violence, threats, genital mutilation, honor murders – all typical for the followers of prophet Mohammed.
And like everywhere else these immigrants settle, they immediately exploit the welfare system and are dragging the French economy into a black endless abyss. In addition, as if that is not enough, Muslims are so criminalized that 70% of the entire prison population in the whole country is – Muslim.
America is on the same path… unless we change our Immigration policies and stop welfare assistance for Muslims migrants.

All others when they migrate to America they must show the ability to support themselves and carry insurance, unless you a muslim, that does not apply. Muslims are the new welfare kings and queens of America and they are not relocated in the American ghettos but in middle class America, where they can forever change the dynamic of those communities.

via REPORT: Paris ‘No Go Zones” Do They Really Exist? You Will Be Surprised — tomfernandez28’s Blog

Hollywood Narcissism: Large Mirror Brought Out Onto Oscars Stage Gets Resounding 6-Minute Standing Ovation!!

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LOS ANGELES—Bringing the entire audience to their feet in thunderous applause, a large mirror wheeled onto the stage Sunday evening at the 89th Academy Awards ceremony reportedly received a resounding six-minute-long standing ovation.

“Bravo! Bravo! Marvelous!” actor Kevin Spacey was overheard yelling over hundreds of cheering actors, directors, and producers as the 20-foot-long mirror was carefully positioned directly in front of the Dolby Theatre auditorium, the ovation only growing louder the longer it remained onstage.

“Simply incredible! We love you!”

At press time, the crowd had resumed their seats immediately after the mirror was taken offstage, and Best Foreign Language Film award presenter Gael García Bernal was introduced to a smattering of polite applause.

(Can you believe these people think they are the centre of the world and are full time narcissists …..Berk!

“That’s enough of me talking about myself; let’s hear you talk about me”

― Anonymous

“It’s not easy being superior to everyone I know.”

― Anonymous

“I dyed my hair blond and enlarged my breasts to get men’s attention—and to make other women jealous

― Anonymous

“My accomplishments are everything”

― Anonymous executive

“I never want to be looked upon as poor. My fiancé and I each drive a Mercedes. The best man at our upcoming wedding also drives a Mercedes.”

Italy: Strong increase in activity at Mount Etna, lava overflowing

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Etna’s activity is increasing strongly, and lava is overflowing from the Southeast Crater (SEC) toward south-southwest, Boris Behncke of the INGV’s Etna Observatory reports.

The activity has increased sharply on February 27, 2017, following mild Strombolian activity accompanied by frequent small ash emissions at the Southeast Crater during the second half of January and an earthquake swarm on January 30.

Sickening! STOP the Horrible Torture of Letting a Dog Turn on a Rope in Bulgaria!

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Address to Brodilovo Mayor Dimitar Dimitrov

It is easy to confuse tradition with torture, in Spain we know very well. But our particular “bullfighting party” is not, unfortunately, the only one in the world that mistreats animals. In the small town of Brodilovo in Strandja Mountains (Bulgaria) the ritual of the dog attached to a rope or “trichane na Küche” in Bulgarian is celebrated. This ritual is supposed to prevent rabies and keep evil spirits out of the spring. This ritual is linked to others used in other villages, in which the dogs are whipped or beaten.

In this ritual, a dog is suspended over the Veleka River on a rope and then repeatedly stopped in one direction to wind the rope, the dog is let loose so that it turns rapidly in the opposite direction while The rope unfolds. The frightened dogs reach such high speeds that when they land in the river they are unable to swim and die under water.

This “tradition” was banned by law in 2006, but a few years ago the villagers and the mayor of Brodilovo renewed it because they were frightened by the outbreak of foot and mouth disease (FMD) throughout the region , Bulgaria, Turkey, Macedonia and Northern Greece. The mayor said, “No one kills or hurts dogs. They are brought by their owners who love them, in order to take part in this ritual folklore, which is intended to purify the local community from evil and generate fertility. The dogs are rotated for about 15-20 seconds, and then they fall into the water, which amounts to giving them their bath. “

Animal rights Sofia has mounted a campaign to denounce the cruelty of this ritual, but it seems that nobody in the Bulgarian government does anything to stop this cruel and absurd ritual. That is why we must do something to stop this crazy ritual and tell this people that hurting animals is wrong, that this ritual is medieval and useless. Please sign this petition to tell the mayor of Brodilovo to stop this madness!


Multiple Attacks in 2 days: 1 in Germany(1 dead), 2 in England, 1 in New orleans (30 wounded) Not labeled Terrorism?!

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Not a Terrorist Attack? Ok…Germany – Police shoot man who ‘drove into people’ in German city of Heidelberg leaving one dead and two injured

Aman drove a car into pedestrians in the German city of Heidelberg on Saturday, killing one person and injuring two others, then fled on foot brandishing a knife before being intercepted and shot by police officers.

Dramatic video footage posted on Twitter showed the alleged attacker surrounded by officers with their guns drawn, who shouted orders at him and then opened fire after a tense standoff on a footpath next to a restaurant.

One of the three people hit outside a bakery in a central square of the picturesque town was seriously injured, Anne Baas, a police spokeswoman, said. Police later said the pedestrian had been killed


Police shoot man who ‘drove into people’ in German city of Heidelberg leaving one dead and two injured

Not a Terrorist Attack? Ok…Nearly 30 hurt as truck ploughs into parade crowd in New Orleans

pick up truck has ploughed into a parade in New Orleans, leaving 28 injured.

Initially it was reported that a dozen people were in a critical condition. But later reports suggested that none of the injuries were life-threatening.

Those injured were taken to seven different hospitals, the New Orleans Advocate reported.


Source: Nearly 30 hurt as truck ploughs into parade crowd in New Orleans 

Not a Terrorist Attack? OK.. South London street – Bloodied victims lie strewn across the pavement after driver deliberately smashed into pedestrians

Shocking footage has emerged of the moments after a Mercedes ploughed into five people, believed to be Romanian car wash workers, in a south London street.

The car left the road near Catford Bus Garage in Bellingham at 8:20am this morning and crashed into a group of people at a car wash. Witnesses said the driver’s actions appeared to be deliberate.

Onlookers said a blood-covered man chased the driver down the street shouting ‘f*** you’ and ‘why have you done this?’ before police arrived.

One of the victims, a 25-year-old man, remains in a critical condition while two others, a 35-year-old woman and a 25-year-old man, are described as ‘serious but stable’. 

A video of the aftermath of the incident shows members of the public rushing to help those mown down by the car.

Read more:

Not a Terrorist Attack? Ok…Birmingham City Centre – Dramatic footage emerges of moment an axe-wielding thug is TASERED by police in front of horrified shoppers

New footage has emerged showing the moment an axeman was Tasered by police officers in the centre of Birmingham.

Rinemo Burrowes, 22, was chased by officers from Birmingham New Street station after they received reports of a man brandishing an axe.

CCTV cameras caught him running towards the Bullring shopping centre, where he was briefly stopped by a bystander before running off again.

But now new footage has shown the dramatic moment when police officers caught up with Burrowes outside the Bullring and used a Taser to take him down.  


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Chemtrails Fully Explained! MUST SEE!!… SHARE THIS INFO!!!

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14 janv. 2017

In this video we view documentations and Patents for Chemtrail/Cloud Seeding/Geoengineering/Stratospheric Aerosol Injection and the chemicals being used. Known Chemicals in Cloud Seeding: Aluminum Oxide, Thorium Oxide, Silver Iodide, liquid propane, Carbon Dioxide, Ammonia Nitrate, Urea, Welsback materials, Refractory materials, Industrial Particles, dry ice, salts. United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) Inventors: Chang; David B. (Tustin, CA), Shih; I-Fu (Los Alamitos, CA) Assignee: Hughes Aircraft Company (Los Angeles, CA) Family ID: 24042064 Appl. No.: 07/513,145 Filed: April 23, 1990… United States Patent 5,003,186 Chang , et al. March 26, 1991 Stratospheric Welsbach seeding for reduction of global warming North American Weather Consultants Inc.: Modification Incorporated:…chemtrail/cloud seeding/geoengineering Patents:…Military Weather Modification:…REFERENCES: 1. Dennis, A.S. , 1980: Weather Modification by Cloud Seeding. Academic Press, New York. 2. Hess, W.N. , 1974: Weather and Climate Modification. John Wiley & Sons, New York. 3. Weather Modification Association, 1992: Weather Modification Capability Statement. Journal of Weather Modification, Vol. 24, No. 1. 4. Weather Modification Association, 1997: Some Facts About Seeding Clouds. Fresno, California. 5. American Society of Civil Engineers, 1995: Guidelines for Cloud Seeding to Augment Precipitation. ASCE Manuals and Reports on Engineering Practice No. 81.. 6. Griffith, D.A. and M.E. Solak, 1999: A Cloud Seeding Program to Enhance Hydroelectric Power Production from the El Cajon Drainage, Honduras. Seventh Conference on Weather Modification, Chiang Mai, Thailand, February 17-22, 1999. 7. Stauffer, N.E. and K. Williams, 2000: Utah Cloud Seeding Program, Increased Runoff/Cost Analysis. Technical Report, Utah Department of Natural Resources, Division of Water Resources. 8. Weather Modification Advisory Board, 1978: The Management of Weather Resources. Report to the Secretary of Commerce, 2 volumes. 9. Klien, D.A. , 1978: Environmental Impacts of Artificial Ice Nucleating Agents. Dowden, Hutchinson & Ross, Inc. , Stronsburg, Pennsylvania. 10. Brown, K.J., R.D. Elliot and M.W. Edelstein, 1978: Transactions of Total-Area Effects of Weather Modification. Report to the National Science Foundation on a workshop held August 8-12, 1977, Fort Collins, Colorado. 11. Brown, K. J., R.D. Elliott and J.R. Thompson, 1974: The Seeding of Convection Bands. AMS Fourth Conference on Weather Modification, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, November 18-21, 1974. 12. Long, A. B., 2001: Review of Persistence Effects of Silver Iodide Cloud Seeding. Journal of Weather Modification, Vol. 33, No. 1. 13. Solak, M. E., D. P. Yorty, and D. A. Griffith, 2003: Estimations of Downwind Cloud Seeding Effects in Utah. Journal of Weather Modification, Vol. 35, No. 1.

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