Floating spheres that house entire cities and sink to the seabed in extreme weather could be built by 2030


Tokyo-based construction firm Shimizu Corporation has revealed concepts for futuristic cities

Called Ocean Spirals the massive structures would float on the top of oceans and submerge during bad weather

Each sphere is 1,600 feet (500 metres) across and can accommodate 5,000 people in homes and hotels

The spheres would be placed at the top of spirals 2.5 miles deep with a research station on the seabed

Shimizu says it would cost £16.2 billion ($25.5 billion) to build the first sphere, which could be done by 2030

On Earth we’ve colonised deserts, forests, mountains and many other locations, but we’re yet to truly live on our planet’s most abundant locale, namely oceans, which cover 71 per cent of the surface.
That could all be set to change though as one company has unveiled designs for floating cities that could operate both on the surface and underwater.
Using a number of advanced technologies, the enormous spheres could house 5,000 people and also perform research on the seabed.

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