Photographers of the World show how animals in the wild can become the most unlikely pals

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It might be a dog eat dog world but, as these stunning photographs prove, best friends come in all shapes and sizes.

The heartwarming images, taken by a host of photographers from all around the world, show the fluffy, feathered and furry animals finding allies in each other – despite how different they may be.

The bizarre buddies include a Masai giraffe who appears to have found friends in two tiny birds and a welcoming warthog happy to give his comrade, a crow, a piggyback ride.

A Northern sea otter is also pictured relaxing in the water with a Common Goldeneye Drake, while a Persian cat is seen cuddling up on the sofa with a rat.

Elsewhere, a Tasmanian Devil nuzzles its companion, a kangaroo, in Tasmania, Australia, while a Red Deer proves particularly popular with a group of jackdaws.

A Green Sea Turtle also appears to be getting on swimmingly with three Remora fish during a dip in the Red Sea, while a Jack Russell finds a firm friend in a fox cub during a walk in Bedfordshire, England.


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