Photographer Johan Lolos captures outstanding images during year-long, 25,000-mile trek around Australia

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It was not a trip to undertake lightly. Photographer Johan Lolos has just completed an epic 25,000-mile, year-long journey around Australia taking stunning pictures of breath-taking scenery from every corner of the country.

Despite the vast distances and the long time away from home the intrepid Belgian explorer confesses: ‘I didn’t prepare or plan anything. I arrived in Melbourne with no accommodation booked.’

From Melbourne, he couch surfed, trekked, flew, sailed and hitchhiked his way around Australia and over 12 months managed to visit every state, traversing across deserts, mountains and beaches and passing through cities.

From the Blue Mountains and Ayers Rock to Sydney Opera House and Kalbarri National Park, no Australian stone was left unturned (or not photographed).

Johan encountered kangaroos, sea turtles, swam with whale sharks and wild dolphins, sailed about the Whitsundays, flew over the Great Barrier Reef and got a PADI diving licence.

But in all his time in the country, one experience may have surpassed them all.

He said: ‘One of the best moments came in Bare Sand Island, Northern Territory when I witnessed sea turtles coming out of the sea to lay their eggs on the beach. 

‘Then I watched as turtles from another nest began hatching and helped them find their way to the sea. Truly unforgettable.’ 

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