When the sun makes drinking water


Copyright Gabriele Diamanti

Gabriele Diamanti. Here is a name that probably tells you nothing. Yet, this Italian designer has developed an object that could save the lives of millions of people around the globe. The name of his invention: ”  Eliodomestico “, a distiller that turns salt water into drinking water using only energy solar. 

 For while parts of the world blithely waste its water reserves , large parts of the world lacking.

In 2011, experts established that 11% of the world population does not have access to safe water, that is around 768 million people.

Their solution: use  water unfit for consumption, which transmit virus diseases. With his invention, Gabriele Diamanti is a preventable hope for all those people who usually live in hot countries. His Eliodomestico works without any intervention other than the sun.

Here is the principle: the first step is to fill the upper reservoir of the object with salt water, then replace the cap. The sun’s rays strike the tank and, within, increase the water temperature and pressure. The only water molecules, evaporate, and are then collected by a pipe placed dan tank which collects and directs the steam in a tank placed a few centimeters lower. The device is not easy to explain, we recommend that you refer to the diagram below.

eliodmestico universe Nature


Obviously, such a device is very slow, but after a full day of sun exposure, it is possible to recover as much as 5 gallons of perfectly drinkable water.

The Eliodomestico requires little maintenance and requires no power, so it can be used anywhere.Last detail: the designer chose to put his invention available to everyone, in “open source”, which clearly means that anyone interested in this technology can be procured plans and build a Eliodomestico nothing Gabriele Diamanti pay, and without asking permission, as long as the user does not use it to make money.

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