Multiple Whales Come Out To Play For Whale Watching Tour Group

A shape emerges under the murky green waters as a whale slowly glides, oblivious to the gasps of awe and camera clicks above it.

Soon it is joined by another and the sound of shutter clicks resonate in the still, calm air. 

This was the special moment a group of  lucky sightseers encountered the massive humpback whales of Canada. 

Unaware of the fuss surrounding their appearance, the whales continue to swim calmly.

Furiously taking photographs, the tourists are mesmerised by the graceful movements of the cetaceans as they approach the boat.

The pair of friendly humpback whales seem to have no fear of the boatload of watchers and swim ever closer to the vessel. 

Gasps of awe are heard as they  experience the rare moment.

Doug Davis, the owner of Prince Rupert Adventure Tours who organised the whale watching, spoke to CTV News Vancouver about the experience.

‘People on the boat had never seen a whale before and all of a sudden you have these whales going right up to the boat,’ Mr Davis said of the encounter. 


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