Incredible pictures show orangutan using a stick to check river is safe to cross



This orangutan certainly wasn’t monkeying around when it came to this dangerous river crossing.

These incredible photos how brainbox Mego used a long, staff-like stick to literally test the waters – finding out whether the river was too deep to cross. 

He looks almost human as he prods the branch into the river, before wading his way in.


He carefully inserted it into the water to measure the depth then, after realising it was safe to cross, made his way in.

But unluckily, Mego lost grip of the branch and watched it float away. The clever animal then realised it would be unwise to cross the river without it, and reluctantly turned back.

Dr Grainne McEntee, Head of Operations for Orangutan Protection Foundation in London, a charity which raises funds for the orangutan release programme at Nyaru Menteng, said the animal’s behaviour was not a surprise.

‘The great apes are considered to be the most intelligent animals, other than humans, and orangutans are regarded as the smartest amongst primates,’ she said.

‘Sharing 98 per cent of our DNA, their similarity to us is remarkable – they’re adaptable and innovative, and there’s rarely an obstacle they cannot overcome.’


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