Magnificent historical vessels set off along south coast for London in annual Tall Ships Regatta

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With their towering sails billowing in the wind, this could have been a fleet from centuries past.

But these tall ships were yesterday making their way towards the start point for the race from Falmouth to Greenwich, south-east London, in the annual Tall Ships Regatta.

Forty-six vessels from throughout the world, including 11 magnificent square-sail ships, left Cornwall yesterday after four days of festivities.

More than 100,000 people flocked to the Cornish coast to wave off the vessels taking part in the event. About 1,000 pleasure craft allowed fans a close-up view. It is the fifth time Falmouth has hosted the tall ships since they first visited the town in 1966.

Ships comes from around the globe to take part the event, with vessels taking part in this year’s race travelling from Spain, Holland, Portugal, Poland and Russia.

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