20 Mysterious Photos That Should Not Exist


From ocean fireballs, to mythical apes and ghosts that only show up on film, these are 20 photos so mysterious, so impossible that it’s often said they shouldn’t exist at all.

1. The Tadpole Monster
2. The Modern Time Traveler
3. Naga Fireballs
4. The Hampton Court Ghost
5. The Solway Firth Astronaut
6. Babushka Lady
7. Battle of Los Angeles
8. The S.S. Watertown Ghosts
9. Freddy Jackson’s Ghost
10. The Falling Body
11. The McMinnville UFO
12. Brown Lady of Raynham Hall
13. Hessdalen Light
14. Skunk Ape
15. The Spectre of Newby Church
16. The UFO painting
17. The Phoenix Lights
18. Loch Ness Monster
19. Bigfoot aka Sasquatch
20. The Black Knight 

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