Photographer Veronica Craft spotted a group of 50 sea otters performing their morning workout in the bay at Moss Landing, California



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They all raised their flippers and paws out of the water in sync, looking like they were taking part in a group workout
Sea otters lift their paws out of the water to keep them warm
They are the only body parts not wholly covered in insulating fur

‘Children, especially, always smile at the images. They love the cuteness of the otters. ‘I wish I could give every single person one of my photos, as American author Mark Twain once said ‘the best way to cheer yourself up is try to cheer somebody else up.

‘Otters are very special animals and trying to keep them safe is something that we all should do.’
Adult sea otters typically weigh between 31 and 99lbs, making them the heaviest members of the weasel family, but among the smallest marine mammals.

They rest with their webbed flippers out of the water to protect them from the cold ocean. The sea otter’s paws are the only parts of its body that are not wholly covered in insulating and waterproofing fur.
If they were to keep their paws in the water, then all their body heat would drain into the ocean.
Sea otters live in offshore environments, where they dive to the sea floor looking for food.

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