Dolphins and whales squeal with delight & Say ‘I Love You’ with Seaweed

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Scientists at the National Marine Mammal Foundation in San Diego, California, first thought the noise indicated the presence of food
But one expert said that an experiment showed the squeals are the equivalent of a human ‘whoop’ of triumph, signifying happiness
By studying the release of dopamine a brain chemical that stimulates sensations of pleasure they have proved the noise is emotional

They say “I LOVE YOU” with Seaweed!

Documentary crews have previously filmed a male bottlenose dolphin wooing his sweetheart with a strand of seaweed, indicating the animals communicate in many different ways.

Courting males will spend hours looking for the longest and most perfect strand of seaweed to present to the objects of their desire.Before handing it over, a hot-blooded dolphin will use the seaweed to show off his prowess: tossing it between his fins, tail and nose.

If the female is impressed, she will accept the seaweed and then play with it seductively like a feather boa, they said.
Now they are an item, the amorous pair will do the dolphin equivalent of cuddling – stroking each other with their fins – as they twist and spin around each other.

By using remote-controlled cameras shaped like small animals, the documentary makers discovered that dolphins can be pushy parents, loyal friends, and prone to adolescent bursts of machismo.

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