Seth Shostak, a Senior astronomer at Seti Institute Claims: “We could find alien life but politicians don’t want to”

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Data suggests our galaxy has 40 billion planets with potential for life But finding these depends on sophisticated and expensive experiments
‘Sadly much of this reconnaissance hardware is still on the drawing boards, not in space,’ said Dr Shostak

They suggest proof may come within a generation. These scientists support their sunny point of view with a few astronomical facts that were unknown a generation ago.

In particular, and thanks largely to the success of Nasa’s Kepler space telescope, we can now safely claim that the universe is stuffed with temperate worlds.

In the past two decades, thousands of planets have been discovered around other stars. New ones are turning up at the rate of at least one a day.


40 billion worlds in our galaxy could host alien life, according to a recent study. And Nasa claims that we will be able to find that life within the next 20 years, with a high chance it will be outside our solar system.

During a public talk last month in Washington, the space agency outlined a roadmap to search for life in the universe using a number of current and future telescopes. Do we believe there is life beyond Earth?’ said former astronaut and Nasa Administrator Charles Bolden.

‘I would venture to say that most of my colleagues here today say it is improbable that in the limitless vastness of the universe we humans stand alone.’

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