Photographer Alan Shapiro Shots Cheeky little gorilla decides it’s time for mum to stop snoozing

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It’s a scene most exhausted parents will recognise.

You’ve just closed your eyes for a well-earned nap when your young child comes bounding over for some attention.

And so it was for Julia the gorilla who had just nodded off when her four-month-old decided now was the time to play.

The lovable pair were snapped at Bronx Zoo, New York, USA, on Sunday

Photographer Alan Shapiro, 50, of New York, said: ‘I had just arrived at the gorilla enclosure and the mother gorilla, Julia, had lain down to take a nap. The baby was resting against her.

‘The baby wanted to play, so he got up and moved around – then he reached out and touched her face.

‘Everyone watching let out a sigh, we all thought it was so cute. He just wanted to play.’

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