The Banyan Howrah, the gigantic tree that resembles a forest alone

Banyan Howrah

In eastern part of India, there is a unique tree that has the amazing feature to the size of two football fields.Genuine natural wealth, the great ‘Banian Howrah’ is the star attraction of the city of Howrah. 

By far, one might think that this is a vast forest and yet it is not. In a remote area, there is a unique exceptional tree of its kind. Its particularity? The area it occupies. Alone, the great Banyan Howrah covers about 14,500 square meters, passing for a real forest.

Located in the region of West Bengal in eastern India, old tree over 250 years is a jewel of nature and the star attraction of the city of Howrah. Entered the Guinness Book of Records, the largest Banyan Howrah is neither more nor less than the widest tree in the world.And because its measurements leave speechless!

Indeed, this fig Bengal has a circumference of 412 meters and a diameter of 131 meters. We must also mention his 3511 aerial roots that touch the ground and merge with tree trunks. But suffice it to penetrate the vast green area to see that it is not a real forest.

There, the roots are intertwined as an extensive network, giving unusual to anyone who roam the territory of the tree Ficus benghalensis, sometimes called “strangler fig” for its ability to “stifle” the other trees impression that in its path.

He may be the largest in the world, its strength is also up to its reputation. Indeed, the Great Banyan survived two cyclones in 1884 and 1886, a disease caused by a virulent fungus but lightning. Hit by lightning in 1925, the tree is seen to remove its main trunk

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