The Bug-A-Salt is an air-powered rifle lethal to creepy-crawlies



Get ready to have fun getting those pesky flies! Get them all with the original salt gun, The Bug-A-Salt. Fill with salt, pump the handle, turn off the safety switch, aim and shoot. Kills fly’s within 3 feet with a mini shotgun effect.

Only uses a pinch of salt. Virtually no mess. Effective way to rid fly’s from the home, yard or BBQ. Will not hurt glass windows or walls. High quality design and made to last.


1. Lift the loader cap and pour in ordinary granulated table salt (holds about 50 shots).

2. Slide the cocking handle towards you and push away towards the barrel of gun. This action will activate the auto-safety and the pop-up sight will appear, indicating gun is ready to fire.

3. Release the auto-safety by clicking towards you.

4. Aim at target and fire.



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