Incredible photographs by Julian Ghahreman-Rad, an inquisitive squirrel was spotted taking time out to smell the daisies

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The curious creature couldn’t resist sniffing some local Erigeron flowers as it made its way through fields near Vienna, Austria.

But while it might look like its simply taking the time to appreciate the summer blooms – the squirrel was in fact on the hunt for the tastiest flower of the bunch.

Seen pulling the plant towards its nose, the rarely-seen animal was captured by Austrian photographer, Julian Ghahreman-Rad, 23, who was hiding in the bushes nearby.

Reaching out with a tiny paw, the squirrel is first seen bending the stem closer, before bringing the blooms to its nose with a gentle tug.

After sniffing the individual flowers, the squirrel decides on the one that smells the best – and leans in for a bite.

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