Nuts! The cheapest place to stay in all of New York? But You CANNOT sleep


 Artist charges one dollar a night…as long as you don’t mind staying in a jail cell while visitors gawp at you….!


There are, however, a few conditions that you would have to feel comfortable with, including being filmed for the entire length of your stay in the cell.

It’s all in the name of art as occupants must agree to be on display for three hours each day between 9am and midday.
Jiaxin says that in order to live in his jail cell, you don’t have to be a criminal, but there are a number of rules that need to be followed.


The cage is monitored and reported via live stream online 24/7 and occupants will be able to enjoy the room as they please from 9pm until 9am.

Guests must stay in the case for three hours in the morning without any access to the internet.

‘From 9:00am to 12pm, you CANNOT access internet, NO electronic devices, books, radio, pens or craftwork. You CANNOT talk to anybody. You CANNOT do Yoga or any other exercises. You CANNOT sleep,’ writes Jiaxin.

The activity of guests is monitored and recorded. Despite being required to stay in the cage for three hours a day, guests are given a key for them to lock and unlock the cage as they please.
The apartment is located in Bushwick, Brooklyn – just 15 minutes by subway from the Lower East Side.

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