Photographs of The Island Corsica, Perl of the Mediterranean Sea

sous-les-eaux-0_620x465 (1)









The Corsican Island deserves its name Beauty mountains arising at sea, green island unparalleled in the Mediterranean basin, covered with chestnut forests and impenetrable bush …

Corsica also offers some 1,000 km spectacular coastline. Coveted by the major powers of the Mediterranean who left a rich architectural heritage, religious, military and urban, Corsica was successively into the hands of Rome, Vandals, Moors, Byzantium, Pisa and Genoa, before becoming French , two centuries ago.

With its elected Assembly of Corsica , an island historically rebellious region, enjoys a special status. Torn between the need for stability and the desire for independence, she still has not decided. The Corsican identity, it is also a regional language and a strong culture that has survived the ages and distance behind a facade, a whole Mediterranean hospitality.

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