Injured Wolf Pups Rescued From Alaska Forest Fire

While they were working to contain the fire at Kenai National Wildlife Refuge, Alaska, a team of firemen rescued five small abandoned cubs in their dens.

There are some days, a massive fire destroyed the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska. While many animals have managed to escape the flames, the weakest have meanwhile been forced to stay in the middle of the inferno. This is the case of a litter of pups in their dens abandoned by their mother, definitely panicked.


Small have been found, delivered to themselves, by a team of firefighters contain persisting in flames around their mark. But it took a few days before one of them, raking the area, finally noticed their presence and undertakes an operation to rescue babies.

In total five pups were recovered, three males and two females. Their age was estimated at about two weeks. The sixth scope is unfortunately not able to survive the disaster. Small spent the whole time of the fire in their den, away from the flames.

Very bad shape, they were found dehydrated, injured and starving. Their condition suggests they were left to themselves for several days. “They would have died if we did not have them taken away,” said in a statement Sam Jefferson, one of the firefighters. Babies were immediately supported by the rescue team that has started to absorb them sugar water to rehydrate

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