A family of geese escorted by police On the highway Chicago



May 8, 2014 – On the highway Chicago, traffic jams are commonplace. But the reason for this cap is surprising. Traffic was slowed down and one of the ways to pay to leave a small family of geese walk quietly.

The volatile couple, accompanied by her five chicks, pledged on the fast track, hoping to cross. But guardrails have forced geese to continue their journey in the direction of traffic, waiting to find a loophole.

Civic, motorists slowed to avoid the accident, creating a small traffic jam. Fortunately, the police were quickly alerted and intervened to escort geese. CBS filmed from a helicopter, the unusual scene shows the family waddling quietly on asphalt, followed by several vehicles running on it.

Finally, the issue came through an opening overlooking a beautiful stretch of grass that birds were quick to join.

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