Japan Advises Women NOT to Move to TOKYO! Population report: rural areas losing young women


Published on May 13, 2014

Population report: rural areas losing young women
A private study panel estimates that by 2040, nearly 50 percent of all Japanese municipalities may have fewer than half as many young women as they did in 2010.
The Japan Policy Council projected the populations of cities, towns and villages for 2040 based on data compiled by the National Institute of Population and Social Security Research. The study was based on a scenario positing the continued outflow of people from rural municipalities to large cities.
The report says 896 municipalities, or about 49.8 percent of the total, will see their populations of actively reproducing women in their 20s and 30s more than halved by 2040.

United Nations Conference on Environment & Development
Rio de Janerio, Brazil, 3 to 14 June 1992
AGENDA 21 http://www.cuttingthroughthematrix.co… UNITED NATIONS SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT

US nuclear waste site to be closed for 3 years
A company managing an underground nuclear waste repository in the US state of New Mexico says it has still not determined the cause of a radioactive leak at the facility in February. It estimates that it will take another 3 years before the facility can reopen.
The leak occurred 660 meters below ground.

Twenty-one employees working on the surface were exposed to radiation. The company held a meeting with local residents in a nearby town on Thursday. It said a chemical reaction inside a nuclear waste container may have caused the leak.
The company said it will likely take 3 years before workers can secure safety and resume operations.

Areas near reactors checked for iodine supply
Japan’s government has begun checking whether 24 of the country’s prefectures have supplies of iodine tablets required for people living within 30 kilometers of nuclear power plants.
The prefectures’ governments must store such tablets to be distributed to residents in case of nuclear emergencies. The central government finances such supplies.
Iodine is said to be useful in preventing the thyroid gland from absorbing radioactive substances
The government began the investigation after Niigata Prefecture was found to have failed to store more than 1.3 million tablets necessary for residents within 30 kilometers of the Kashiwazaki-Kariwa plant.
A prefectural official admitted to forging documents and pretending to buy the tablets. His boss did not confirm delivery.
Government officials in charge of nuclear disaster prevention are to visit Niigata Prefecture next week to look into the case.
May 9, 2014 – Updated 06:46 UTC

‘Kitty litter’ blamed for explosive nuclear leak at WIPP — “Incredibly important to act quickly” — ‘All these drums’ are at risk, including at other sites — Must be gathered ‘right away’ before they also burst — Summer heat will increase instability — Storage rooms must be sealed off to contain future ‘events’

Professor: Concerns Fukushima is impacting Alaska; “Unusual animals showing up dead… Seals with unknown disease… first cases of avian cholera” — NOAA: ‘Rare whale beachings’ in Alaska under investigation — Japan Paper: Mysterious sea creatures found one after another along coast (PHOTOS)

Japan Times: Fukushima fallout in N. America at 400,000,000,000,000 Bq of Cesium-137 — Study: Hazardous on a ‘continental scale’ — Physicist: “Cancer a certainty” if one radioactive particle ingested — CBS: Inaccurate internet reports stoked fear radiation had somehow come our way (VIDEO)

New Mexico nuclear waste site halts shipments of toxic materials to Texas

Regulators Worry Nuclear Plants Are Vulnerable to Quakes
NRC Asks Companies in 10 States East of Rockies to Submit Detailed Reports

New NHK Documentary Aired May 10, 2014
Censorship wins again!!!

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