A wolf walks thousands of miles to find love


The animal and his girlfriend were found in the National Forest Rogue River-Siskiyou, United States.

This is the end of a long quest. Wolf OR-7, famous for his wanderings in Oregon (USA), may have found a partner, announced Monday, May 12 the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service quoted by Associated Press

If this union is confirmed, the couple would be the first of the Cascade Mountains from the early twentieth century.

A female was filmed by surveillance cameras in the National Forest Rogue River-Siskiyou, where now lives OR-7, as the GPS tracker he wears around his neck.According to biologist John Stephenson, it is likely that the two animals are currently in the process of raising cubs.

The pet travel since September 2011
“It’s amazing he has apparently found a companion , commented biologist. I did not think that would happen. I am even more impressed by the ability of wolves to survive and find each other.

Young wolves usually leave the pack to find a new territory and a wolf to form their own pack. OR-7 left the Imnaha pack in in northeast Oregon in September 2011. He crossed highways and deserts to California to finally win the Cascade Mountains.

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