In 1990 a new lava flow show how volcano wiped out a village in Hawaii


Kilauea volcano in Hawaii’s Volcanoes National Park has been constantly erupting since 1983
In 1990 a new lava flow destroyed the historic fishing village of Kalapana, encasing it in rock

Scientists are now studying the volcano by taking samples of 1,200C lava from the active vents

The hope is that study will help predict future eruptions and stop other towns being destroyed


Wearing heat-proof suits and masks to deal with the toxic fumes, researchers gather molten rock from the top of the Kilauea volcano in Hawaii.

Researchers are working to understand an eruption that destroyed the town of Kalapana more than 20 years ago, hoping that their studies will allow other settlements to be better prepared in the future.



Between 7 May and 5 September 1990, the fishing village of Kalapana was slowly encased in molten rock, which burned everything in its path. Today, a No Parking sign is virtually all that remains of the historic settlement.


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