Playful-looking creatures named locally as ‘spectacled leaf monkeys’ Attract swarms of tourists to trees in Kaeng Krachan National Park



These odd-looking monkeys could be straight out of a cartoon with their bright white googly eyes.

Cutting an uncanny resemblance to the novelty features used in arts and crafts, their playful appearance attracts quite a crowd of tourists.

Native to Africa and Asia, dusky langur monkeys are affectionately branded ‘spectacled leaf monkeys’.



These charming images were taken in Kaeng Krachan National Park, Phetchaburi province, Thailand, by amateur photographer Michael Edward.

Mr Edward, 29, captured the cheeky dusky langur monkeys as they played together in the trees during a three-week wildlife photography tour across Thailand.

The Egypt-born IT administrator said: ‘I spotted these monkeys while I was enjoying a three-week-long wildlife photography tour in Thailand.

‘I stayed a couple of hours with this group of monkeys – I saw the first one and stayed with it for a while before it led me to the mother and young baby.


‘After a couple of minutes of me being around them, they started to trust me which is how I was able to capture such good photographs of them at such close range.’

Baby dusky langurs are born with bright orange fur which changes to the characteristic black coat once they reach around three months old.

Michael said: ‘I love to photograph animals, they are my favourite things to take photos of.
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