Red Alert: El Hierro Volcano Canary Islands – Strong 4.4 Quake – Underwater Volcanic Eruption – Nov 4, 2011

01.11.2011 – Video released of the underground volcano eruption from the Ramón Margalef boat sent to El Hierro

There have been 46 earthquakes over 1.5° on and around the island of El Hierro, four of them over 3°, one of them, at 04:15 reached 3.9°.

Experts advising the Canarian Government on the El Hierro volcano eruption crisis have advised of the possibility of a new eruption to the north of the island after a series of earthquakes, reaching up to 3.9 on the Richter scale.

02.11.2011 – There has been a 4° earthquake detected this morning to the north coast of El Hierro as the government prepare for a new eruption. Additional military personnel and materials such as shelters (for a capacity of 2.000 people) has been sent to the island of El Hierro as experts predict a new eruption on or near the coast of El Hierro after a similar pattern follows the last one. This morning at 07:54 there has been a new earthquake measuring 4° on the Richter scale detected to the north coast of the island. It was felt by the population.

The IGN have just announced that they have upgraded this mornings 4° earthquake to the north of Frontera, El Hierro, to a 4.3° Richter earthquake.

There have been 72 earthquakes around the island of El Hierro, the largest one so far to hit the island was a 4.3° quakes this morning at 07:54.

03.11.2011 – The ‘bubbling’ effect has reappeared in the same area as previously reported in the ‘Mar de Las Calmas’ sea off the south cost of El Hierro.

There have been 20 earthquakes registering over 1.5 on the Richter scale on or around the El Hierro island.

04.11.2011 – Bubbling and steaming effects have been reported in the sea surface area of Las Calmas off the south cost of El Hierro.

There have been 17 earthquakes registered so far today over the 1.5 degree Richter on or around the island of EL Hierro, one of them registering 2.9 degrees at 03:50, has been felt by the islands population.

An earthquake measuring 3.8 degrees on the Richter scale has been felt by the population of El Hierro, to the north of the island off the coast of Frontera at 13:41.

The underwater volcanic eruption taking place off the coast of El Hierro, south of La Restinga, is moving towards the coast, according to Pevolca. The magma is finding places to break through the seabed surface but they have confirmed it is slowly moving towards the coast of the island… continue reading at canariesnews

A strong magnitude 4.4 occurred at West of Frontera. The M 4.4 earthquake has triggered a number of landslides / rockfall in the Sabinosa / Guinea area. People were so frightened in the El Golfo bay area that they stayed on the streets for some time.

05.11.2011 – The Director of the Civil Protection Plan for Volcanic Risk (PEVOLCA) has decided this evening to close the Los Roquillos tunnel access road until 7.30 am as a preventive measure due to the 4.4 earthquake which took place at 20:36 hours. The possibility that a larger quake could occur according to the National Geographic Institute (IGN) required the notification to the public. The opening of the tunnel in the morning will be done with surveillance and security measures in place… continue reading at earthquake-report

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